Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Boo (hoo) Wordless Wednesday.

Halloween looks to be in da dumper.  39 degrees and damp?  Sad face. 

At least we'll be lit up no matter what. 

Friday, October 25, 2019

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Our Halloween show has been in full swing for a few weeks now.  We were a little late setting up Bayou Blue Dancing Lights this year.  I blame band!!  This is our fifth year putting on a Halloween show. We originally had no intention of doing Halloween.  Our eyes were on Christmas!  We wanted a dancing lights show like the few we had seen around town and online.  Back in 2015 Clint ordered the Light-o-Rama controllers, and we started looking for ideas.  (Ohhh Halloween!  We can do a test run for Halloween?!  CAN WE??  We won't have to wait until Christmas to see how all of this works.....    so Halloween it was. ) Honestly, I like our Halloween lights way better than Christmas lights.  Everybody does Christmas but so few do Halloween and we are the one and only local house with a singing pumpkin.

This year has been rather quiet.  A few cars here and there, but no where near was it has been in the past.  We'll probably have some visitors this weekend with Halloween a week away.  I guess the hype is dying down and it's not new any more. We're thinking it's time to revamp and make some big changes for 2020....we shall see!   

Without further ado...    here's some better clips of our Halloween 2019 show.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I Am Not A Dog

Only a few people know this, but just before he died, my Dad started a blog.  The title "I Am Not A Dog" came from decades of jokes about being named Jack Russell.  He was a lonely, bored old man, so I thought maybe having a place to tell some of his "funny" stories and jokes would give him something to do.  I figured the world would probably get a kick out of a 78 year old man blogging.  So, I set him up with a space on Blogger and showed him how to use it.  Sadly, there are only three entries as his story ended shortly after.

Even after eight years, today is a sad day. October is always a sad month filled with memories of the lasts. My Timehop app and Facebook memories are full of hospital check ins and doctor visits.  I found myself looking at the calendar trying to ignore this day was coming.  I still think about the last real conversation I had with him.  I still miss him terribly and wish I could talk to him once more.  Most of all, I wish my kids still had their Poppi.  How they loved him so.

Thinking of my Dad today on the 8th anniversary of his passing.

Sunday, October 13, 2019


Yesterday was a busy day!  Valerie went to her first high school homecoming dance last night.  We bought the dress and shoes weeks ago and scheduled the hair and makeup appointment.  She made plans with a group of friends to meet for dinner and head to the dance after. 

Where did my little girl go?   Val does not wear makeup at all or do much with her hair.  Seeing her all made up - wow.  She looked so grown up. 

Excuse me while I cry in the corner and bombard y'all with pictures of my beautiful, smart, and talented daughter. 

We dropped her off at the dance and waited at a nearby piano bar.  Just before eleven, she texted and said she was ready to leave.  We picked her up and I asked the loaded question, "How was it?"

 "Kind of lame," she says. 

Lame.  She didn't even take a dance picture.

Then back at home, we had to un-do all the glamour, and she said all of that was too much work.  Too much to put it on and too much to take it off!   (She ain't lyin'!)   

Val did say she had a little fun and it was nice seeing everyone all dressed up.   At least it wasn't all lame.  I guess that isn't too bad for a first high school dance experience. 

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Fall Walk Around

Fall is here!!  Hahaha!  81 and low humidity is much better than the 90s we have been feeling.  For a few days....  then record heat will return.  Then it will cool off again and be much cooler, or so they say.  In lieu of driving across town to hit Planet Fitness this morning, I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood.  It saves me some time and I can work on catching up on some much needed housework.

"some people are like clouds.  when they disappear, it's a beautiful day"

It IS a beautiful day.  Not a cloud in the sky.

My neighbors boarded up for Hurricane Dorian in August and left it like that.  How can they stand being all shut in like that??  It would drive me crazy to have all my windows completely covered.  I've been telling the kids we should sneak over and put up some "do not enter" police tape, spider webs, etc.  to make it appear they are decorated as an abandoned/haunted house for Halloween. 

At the entrance of my neighborhood where the cars are parked is a pharmacy.  It's a great little place with fast, friendly service.  It's very convenient when the kids are sick and you need a quick prescription filled. 

Hardly anyone is decorated for Halloween.  Usually there are a few who put up some neat stuff.  Not yet this year, but it is still early.  I did spy this random pumpkin on someone's walkway and a few small yard decorations.

This was the last phase of our subdivision when the street was extended way to the back.  It was supposed to be only phase one and two, then a phase three was added, and this is phase four.  It stayed empty lots for a long time, but now there's quite a few houses.  The lots are very small back here in comparison to ours up front, and much more expensive than they were 17 years ago when we bought ours.  There is also a big retention pond way back there.  I've only gone to look at it a few times.  Sadly, we lost our next door neighbor when he drowned in it 2012.  He was 56.

Not  a soul in sight.  Just me and my shadow. 

Funny story:  When we were building, we drove all around looking at bricks on houses.  I found a house that I just loved the colors of.  We looked all around trying to identify the brick.  We were going to give up and pick something else.  We came one day to check out progress of our house, and the noticed this house around the corner was almost complete.  The way the sun hit the bricks....  And it was THE bricks we were looking for, so we stopped and asked what were they called.

I didn't even care about being a copycat.  I wanted those variegated red bricks and a green porch. 

Almost home. 

Now I'm off to catch up on some housework...  Happy Wednesday everyone!! 

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Testing... 1...2...3...

This is only a test....  more to come!

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Wordless Wednesday ~ It's coming!!!

We're a few days behind schedule....  but IT IS coming!!!!  SOON... very SOON!!

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

YAY band!

So, are y'all tired of the band posts yet?  Too bad because there will be a few more!!  This weekend was Valerie's first marching competition.  All the months of band practice have been leading up to this.  We traveled to Biloxi, Mississippi for the Gulf Coast Invitational Marching Festival at Biloxi High School.

Unfortunately, Val came home Friday sick sick!  She has been battling something yucky since August.  It just all caught up with her - sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, hacking cough.  It was really bad timing with all these months of hard work and not missing any band practices.  Clint ran her to urgent care first thing Saturday morning, which they did not do much except give her some Flonase and OTC recommendations.  We dosed her up and sent her off to band, hoping for the best.

We left shortly after and drove over to the Mississippi coast to check into our hotel.  Val traveled by bus with the band.

We did not even set foot on the beach!!

After resting a bit, we drove over to the competition. We had to park miles away it seemed, so we were walking to the stadium and turned a corner....  and I found my kid in a corn field!!

show props

Boy, she was not happy we were there and was being really good at ignoring us.  So I went over to see if she was feeling better and I wanted to see her uniform because I had never seen it before. And I wanted a picture of her in it.  We embarrassed her she later said, because we went to talk to her!!  Imagine that.  (Thinking maybe I should get a band mom shirt made with her picture on the front for next time. hahaha!)

We picked our spot at the top of the stadium and watched several performances before it was our school's turn.

This was the best performance I have seen from them yet!!!  They did have a few goofs.  Tempo issues and a mic issue during the flute solo.  They still have the final movement to learn - the closing.  They are doing that this week, so the next performance will be the entire marching show.  Here it is once again - "The Last Straw."  In costumes with the props.  The story is they are crows taking over a cornfield, hence all the bird squawking.

We can't complain, but they placed second in colorguard, second in percussion, and second place over all out of 16 bands.  Second isn't bad at all...   but you know they were hoping for that first place spot.  Don't worry -- there are several other chances as we have more competitions coming up to keep us busy all month long!