Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Boo (hoo) Wordless Wednesday.

Halloween looks to be in da dumper.  39 degrees and damp?  Sad face. 

At least we'll be lit up no matter what. 


  1. Our temps are unseasonably cold (like the 70s instead of low 90s LOL) for tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if that deters kids (not). When we lived in Montana one year on Halloween a fierce wind blew for most of the day. Literally blew all the leaves from the trees somewhere else. Not sure where they went but the leaves were all suddenly gone! We went to a church fall carnival and as it was too windy we just came home to electricity that was out, LOL.

    However the day turns out, enjoy!


  2. The weather has gone crazy! Our temps are 'cold' over here too as it has been raining every day.

    Happy Halloween, Mel!

  3. We had storms and tornados on Halloween Night! Thankfully the storms didn't do much damage in my area! Now it's cold outside when yesterday it was hot and humid!

  4. That sure sounds like a cold one, and one of the coldest trick-or-treat nights of a generation - that's something to remember. Enjoy these fun times with your young ones. : )


  5. We had the hottest Halloween this year. I hope yours wasn’t a cold and wet bust! I loved the Twighlight Zone.

  6. I LOVE your video!!!!