Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Fall Walk Around

Fall is here!!  Hahaha!  81 and low humidity is much better than the 90s we have been feeling.  For a few days....  then record heat will return.  Then it will cool off again and be much cooler, or so they say.  In lieu of driving across town to hit Planet Fitness this morning, I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood.  It saves me some time and I can work on catching up on some much needed housework.

"some people are like clouds.  when they disappear, it's a beautiful day"

It IS a beautiful day.  Not a cloud in the sky.

My neighbors boarded up for Hurricane Dorian in August and left it like that.  How can they stand being all shut in like that??  It would drive me crazy to have all my windows completely covered.  I've been telling the kids we should sneak over and put up some "do not enter" police tape, spider webs, etc.  to make it appear they are decorated as an abandoned/haunted house for Halloween. 

At the entrance of my neighborhood where the cars are parked is a pharmacy.  It's a great little place with fast, friendly service.  It's very convenient when the kids are sick and you need a quick prescription filled. 

Hardly anyone is decorated for Halloween.  Usually there are a few who put up some neat stuff.  Not yet this year, but it is still early.  I did spy this random pumpkin on someone's walkway and a few small yard decorations.

This was the last phase of our subdivision when the street was extended way to the back.  It was supposed to be only phase one and two, then a phase three was added, and this is phase four.  It stayed empty lots for a long time, but now there's quite a few houses.  The lots are very small back here in comparison to ours up front, and much more expensive than they were 17 years ago when we bought ours.  There is also a big retention pond way back there.  I've only gone to look at it a few times.  Sadly, we lost our next door neighbor when he drowned in it 2012.  He was 56.

Not  a soul in sight.  Just me and my shadow. 

Funny story:  When we were building, we drove all around looking at bricks on houses.  I found a house that I just loved the colors of.  We looked all around trying to identify the brick.  We were going to give up and pick something else.  We came one day to check out progress of our house, and the noticed this house around the corner was almost complete.  The way the sun hit the bricks....  And it was THE bricks we were looking for, so we stopped and asked what were they called.

I didn't even care about being a copycat.  I wanted those variegated red bricks and a green porch. 

Almost home. 

Now I'm off to catch up on some housework...  Happy Wednesday everyone!! 


  1. I enjoyed the walk in your neighborhood! Looks like a nice one and lots of green (remember I live in a desert, LOL, we have to pay lots to get green grass :)


  2. Lovely to see your neighborhood. I love the brick on your home. I make lots of trips to the pharmacy; you are fortunate to have one so close/convenient! Wishes for you to have a great day.

  3. What a nice walking neighborhood you have. Enjoy your cooler temps. So sorry about your neighbor who drowned....that's terrible.

  4. Wow, beautiful neighborhood to take a walk, nice and clean.
    Sorry about sad story of your neighbor.

    Love your house with the lovely bricks and Halloween decorations.

  5. What a lovely neighbourhood, Mel. So sad about your neighbour.

  6. What a beautiful neighborhood! That's so sad what happened to your neighbor.

  7. What a beautiful walk around your neighborhood! Hooray for fall!