Tuesday, October 01, 2019

YAY band!

So, are y'all tired of the band posts yet?  Too bad because there will be a few more!!  This weekend was Valerie's first marching competition.  All the months of band practice have been leading up to this.  We traveled to Biloxi, Mississippi for the Gulf Coast Invitational Marching Festival at Biloxi High School.

Unfortunately, Val came home Friday sick sick!  She has been battling something yucky since August.  It just all caught up with her - sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, hacking cough.  It was really bad timing with all these months of hard work and not missing any band practices.  Clint ran her to urgent care first thing Saturday morning, which they did not do much except give her some Flonase and OTC recommendations.  We dosed her up and sent her off to band, hoping for the best.

We left shortly after and drove over to the Mississippi coast to check into our hotel.  Val traveled by bus with the band.

We did not even set foot on the beach!!

After resting a bit, we drove over to the competition. We had to park miles away it seemed, so we were walking to the stadium and turned a corner....  and I found my kid in a corn field!!

show props

Boy, she was not happy we were there and was being really good at ignoring us.  So I went over to see if she was feeling better and I wanted to see her uniform because I had never seen it before. And I wanted a picture of her in it.  We embarrassed her she later said, because we went to talk to her!!  Imagine that.  (Thinking maybe I should get a band mom shirt made with her picture on the front for next time. hahaha!)

We picked our spot at the top of the stadium and watched several performances before it was our school's turn.

This was the best performance I have seen from them yet!!!  They did have a few goofs.  Tempo issues and a mic issue during the flute solo.  They still have the final movement to learn - the closing.  They are doing that this week, so the next performance will be the entire marching show.  Here it is once again - "The Last Straw."  In costumes with the props.  The story is they are crows taking over a cornfield, hence all the bird squawking.

We can't complain, but they placed second in colorguard, second in percussion, and second place over all out of 16 bands.  Second isn't bad at all...   but you know they were hoping for that first place spot.  Don't worry -- there are several other chances as we have more competitions coming up to keep us busy all month long!


  1. Good for her for competing when she wasn't feeling her best! I think coming in second was a great thing for the band! I'm sure by the end of competition season they'll take first!


  2. They've come a long way! I never understand why kids are embarrassed to have parents....where do they think they came from?? ;)

  3. I guess to a teen, all parents are destined to be ridiculous, embarrassing or annoying!

  4. Yes, you should definitely get that tee shirt with her photo!!! lol
    I think they did a great job and should be very proud!
    You guys have a nice weekend.