Friday, November 01, 2019


What a cold Halloween night it was!!!  The wind made it feel so much colder than it was.  At least the rain was over by mid-afternoon so it was dry.  The cold didn't stop us... or anyone else.  We had droves and droves of kids in our neighborhood.   I was going to wear a skeleton costume that I picked up at Dirt Cheap for pennies, but it was just not happening in the weather.  Instead, I put on two pairs of leggings.  Two shirts.  Two scarves.  Gloves.  A warm knitted hat. My leather jacket.  And a cat woman mask. 

Veronica was supposed to be Lydia from "Beetlejuice."   I made her put on leggings.  Two shirts.  A dress. Two shawls.  A scarf.  Gloves.  A knit hat under her wide brim hat. 

Clint set up our candy table and put two heaters outside to sit by.  Valerie decided she didn't want to go trick-or-treating at all.  (insert sad face.) 

Veronica and I walked the two blocks in our subdivision and it was crazy crowded in a few spots.  There were even LINES at some of the trick-or-treat stops.  Lines!! 

All in all, it was a fun night.  The cold temps were unusual for us, but we managed.  Today was a scavenging day!  Half price candy - yes.   Half price new decorations for the light show - yes, yes! 

Who else shops the day after a holiday sales??  (December 26th is my favorite day of the year!)


  1. Looked like a lot of fun! Sorry the weather wasn't more cooperative! Maybe your daughter will want to go trick or treating next year. Teens can be so wishy washy from year to year. We only had 31 trick or treaters and 2 big bags of leftover candy. I didn't even go through 1 bag of candy. I used to shop the day after Christmas but haven't in years. When I was growing up, mind you I'm going to be 62 soon, it was't popular to go shopping the day after Christmas. No one was at the store (I know hard to imagine). We would go though to get 1/2 priced cards, decorations, etc.


  2. Sounds a little like our Halloween (except for the weather part). I took my granddaughter and a couple of her friends around the neighborhood. Very few kids, and a lot of dark houses. But one block was crazy busy. You could hardly walk the sidewalk because of the crowd. And one house had a line of about 30 kids. I asked a mom why, and she told me they gave out the really large candy bars!

  3. It looks like everyone had a nice Halloween!

  4. It sounds like you had a nice Halloween, even though it was so cold out. Oh, I remember bundling them up in long shirts and leggings, even if their costumes looked a bit funky with them. Wow, I don't think we've ever been to a house where there was a line to get candy! You look so cute in your outfit.

    Sounds like a busy time, so now you can rest this weekend. : )


  5. Such a lot of fun! I love your both Halloween costumes.
    Oh yes, me too. I went to Walmart in early morning for half price candy and some cute accessories :)

  6. Sounds like fun! Love the Halloween costumes.

    Happy Monday, Mel!

  7. It looks like a lot of (cold) fun for your family. I love your enthusiasm! I used to shop the day after holidays, but now I'm just tying to lighten my holiday load. LOL

  8. Too bad it was so cold. We did not have trick or treaters here. We live across from a church who provided treats to the community and it was fun to see the kids arrive in their costumes. I don't blame you for shopping the after holiday sales.