Friday, December 27, 2019

All packed away

.... Christmas is officially over and packed away.  All that's left are two straggling presents I have yet to deliver. 

Today was uneventful.  I picked up the last of Christmas and put my regular decor back the way it was.  I passed my new Dyson vacuum around just to see how much dirt it picks up.  Veronica wanted to go to the mall with a friend, so we did that.  We walked around for about an hour and didn't see much of anything interesting.  Then we went across the street to a rolled ice cream shop.  We'd talked about going several times but had never been there.  I did not get any but I did steal a few bites of theirs.  It was pretty good.  Back home and I've just been puttering around the house. 

Tomorrow Valerie is having a sleepover.  She asked a few days ago and of course I said yes.  I think three friends are coming to spend the night.  I figured she needs some girl time. 


  1. My daughter's having a sleepover for New Year's Eve, for her birthday (which isn't until Jan 7).

  2. I love my Dyson vacuum. Its not the "pet" model but it works really efficiently. In days long ago we had a corgi (and if you know anything about corgis they shed constantly, continually, always) and we literally "killed" several vacuum cleaners trying to keep up with their shedding. I would hope if we got another corgi (the jury is still out on that, I can't bear the thought of saying goodbye to another one) our plan was to get a Dyson with their pet model.

    Sleepovers are fun, no matter what age they might be. Girl time is also good! I hope it is fun for all!


  3. Have a sweet dream, Valerie!