Thursday, December 26, 2019

Boxing Day!

Valerie crawled into bed with me last night and told me what happened with the boyfriend.  Just out of the blue, Christmas Eve morning, he sent her a snap (that's all they do these days is Snapchat back and forth) that said he thought they were better off being just friends.  She replied "ok then."  And that was it.  Out of the blue, no warning at all, he broke up with her via Snapchat on Christmas Eve!  Not that it was that serious and all, but still.  He told Val's friend that his feelings changed and he decided to just end it rather than pretend.  Oh well, he'll be the much deserved butt of many jokes around here for a while.


Who went shopping today??

Clint hit a couple of Walmarts and I went to one.  It was rather late and most of the good stuff was picked over.   I found a few small things for next year but didn't buy much.  I did do some online shopping at Target and Bath & Body Works.  All three of us girls will be set for body wash and shampoo for a while. 

This afternoon Clint brought in all the storage totes and I began to de-Christmas the house.  I know we had a Christmas, but it doesn't feel like we had a Christmas.  It just sort of passed me by...   Oh well.   I managed to pack away nearly everything in a few hours.  I didn't put out all of my stuff this year.  I guess that's how it goes.  As the kids get older, the decorations get sparse.  All that's left is the tree.   Now the outside lights are a whole 'nother story!  The light show will run until January 1.  Then Clint usually picks up most of it. 

Just like that... Christmas is over. 


  1. I have already started putting things away too. Hope 2020 is a good year for you and yours.

  2. I had a friend when we lived in Montana that took Christmas down on Christmas in the afternoon after they had unwrapped gifts. She figured it was over then so she just disassembled it. I have had Christmases like that, that sort of just pass on by, but your last few weeks have been a bit stressful.

    I went to the store today but didn't buy anything. I decided to replace my tablet (5 years old) with something that works quicker than it does for my grandson to have when he is over here and watches his "shows" (YouTube and the like). I've been letting him use my phone that of course loads faster, etc., but he's really good at getting rid of messages that come in like text messages and phone calls I get. He'll just swipe them away (how can they be so technology efficient at that young age?) Anyway, since I've been applying for jobs I need the availability of my phone so I thought to upgrade the tablet. Found one I liked but will get it off Amazon so I can get those points :)

    Better for Valerie to be done with the boy. We both know this will probably happen again and I don't think it ever gets easier. Perhaps the next time around, she'll be on the end of "wanting to be friends" and telling that to someone. Those teenage years!