Saturday, December 21, 2019


Fifteen years ago tonight this little baby entered the world and our lives changed forever.  It seems they have gone by in a blink. Toddler days... preschool days.... elementary.... middle school... 

Every year needing me a little less than the one before it.  I'm still the mamma hen that circles around my brood.

"Do you have your shirt?"

"Don't forget your shoes."

"Did you take your allergy medicine?"

"Are you sure you have everything?"

And the teenager will often roll her eyes and groan "yes yes... I have everything mom."

So, I've been trying stand back and let her be who she wants to be, make her own decisions, and it's hard.  Don't worry - I'll be waiting in the wings for when she does need me to swoop right in.

Somehow this kid has a mind of her own - imagine that!!

Somehow now she's in high school and old enough to learn how to drive. 

Somehow she has a boyfriend. (????!!!)

Somehow my little girl is fifteen.

Wishing the happiest birthday to my dear ValGal.  Love you always.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday. Love these pictures. My older sis had a birthday yesterday. She always felt cheated with a Christmas birthday!!!

    1. My birthday is December 21st. I had the "best" of moms (my dad died when I was 18 months old). She always was concerned that my birthday would get lost in the hustle and bustle of Christmas. For years (until I told her to change it) she wouldn't even put the tree up until after my birthday. I told her I would like it up earlier to enjoy it during the season and then she put it up about 2 weeks before Christmas. She never asked if I wanted the "big gift" for Christmas or my birthday and she always wrapped my birthday gifts in birthday paper. Always had a cake and a party that was not Christmas themed. I was due Christmas Day but came 4 days earlier. I'm ancient (62 this year) and it was custom to have the moms be in the hospital 10 days after they gave birth. She insisted to be released Christmas Eve with me to spend Christmas with my dad and older brother and sister. I never felt cheated :)


    2. Happy Birthday to you, Betty!! Your mom sounds like she handled a Christmas birthday fantastically. I try but it's so hard! For many years, we had Valerie's birthday party at the beginning of December because people are so busy at Christmas that I was afraid no one would come. I always make sure Val has a BIRTHDAY and CHRISTMAS is separate. One plus is that she is almost always out of school for her birthday. The few times she wasn't, she was excited!! LOL! Hope you enjoyed your day.

  2. Happy birthday Valerie!

  3. Happy Birthday Valerie! We share a birthday :) I would gladly like to say I turned 15 today :) I can't even say it was 51 :(

    Let your mom love on you and watch over you just a bit more.....moms like to be able to do that. We like to feel wanted :) and its hard when we know you have to grow up but we just aren't ready to let you do so :) So humor her :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!


  4. Happy happy birthday, Valerie!

  5. Happy birthday to the birthday girl!

    It goes so fast, doesn't it? Our oldest is almost 10, but it feels like 9-going-on-16 with all the eye-rolling and "I know!"s we get. As fast as this goes, she'll be where Valerie is in no time, I'm sure.

  6. Happy Birthday to the beautiful birthday girl!

  7. Happy Birthday to your dear daughter. So many cute pictures of her along the way. She kind of looks like my niece, Lillie, in the first picture. I hope she had a special day filled with all the things she loves.