Monday, December 30, 2019

Just another Monday

This morning I went back to the gym after taking Christmas week off.  December is usually pretty dead in there but I expect the gym to be pretty busy after January 1st with all the newcomers.  I know of one person who is switching so no doubt there will be a few other familiar faces.  I've belonged to almost every gym in town, so at some point you always cross paths with other gym regulars again.

After that, I went to Target to see if Christmas was marked down any more.  It was 50% off yesterday but today it was 70%!  There was A LOT left.  Just as I walked up, a lady was putting out some paper goods.  She said they had a lot more of that kind of stuff in the back, but I didn't stick around to see what.  Paper plates were $.89 cents, tissue $.44 cents a box, 3 pack Ziploc containers $1.04.  We are set on that stuff for a while!  I also found some big cookie sheets for $3.  Clint was eyeing some lights yesterday, so I picked up 12 boxes to add to the light show next year.   It will be 90% off in another few days but there won't be much left.

Then I made a quick run to Walmart for a few grocery items.  Their Christmas is still at 50% so it's not worth digging.... yet.

I can't believe tomorrow is New Year's Eve!!  Where has 2019 gone?!  We bought a small-ish pile of fireworks to pop tomorrow night.  Most of the fireworks stands are just tents on the side of the road.  The best one used to be a Family Dollar and they have a pretty good set up and decent prices. 

For many years when the kids were small, we'd take them to the "Noon Year's Eve" party at the Audubon Zoo.  Valerie brought it up this afternoon and asked if we could revive the tradition.  So, road trip tomorrow to New Orleans it is! 



  1. Hah, my friend wanted to go to Target on December 26 (a mall one in the South Bay Area in CA) and the workers said they were already all cleared out of Christmas merchandise! Go figure, eh?

  2. Your New Year's Eve road trip tomorrow sounds like fun!! I can't believe how fast this year flew too! Haven't shopped after Christmas sales in years but my mom used to before it became "fashionable" to do so. Usually no one was at the store the day after Christmas (mind you this is more than 50 years ago). Then all of a sudden a few years later it got so popular that sometimes it was hard to find "good" stuff any more! Seems like you did great with your shopping ventures!


  3. Time flies, doesn't it, Mel??!!!