Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Of course!

It's pretty chilly down south.  Last night temps dropped below freezing.  It was still in the 30s when I got up this morning, but I decided I would make myself go to the gym and I'd stop at the store after to get a few grocery items.  I open the garage door, get in my Honda Pilot, turn the key... and click.  Nothing.  I tried again. Nothing.  Great.  The cold weather has killed my battery.  And Clint isn't here.  Of course.  Now what?  So, I do the only thing I can - post on Facebook.  I asked in our neighborhood group if anyone could come give me a jump.  Nothing.  I asked on my personal Facebook page.  Nothing.  Finally, after about an hour one of my neighbors came to my rescue.  The only people that responded to my post were a couple of little old ladies in my neighborhood!  And that's who came to help me - a little old lady. We had to push my Pilot out of the garage because there was no way for the jumper cables to reach.  Luckily she knew what to do because I sure don't!!  Thankfully we got it started right away and I was able to get to Auto Zone.  Two hours and $180 later I had a new battery.  At least a few people did check on me after the fact to be sure I had gotten help.  Clint usually does all the car stuff, but I got it fixed and didn't cry over it!!  But after all that, I'm done adulting today.

And I shall leave you on a happier note... a short clip of Valerie practicing her music.  She refuses to let me record her, so I'm in stealth mode in the hallway... (hahaha)  She has gotten so much better since the beginning of the year. 


  1. Valerie sounds great! You did good recording her too! Of course the battery would stop working. It sounds like you had a good attitude about it! How cute the older lady came to your rescue too and knew what to do! We have Auto Club just for these things because they always happened when hubby would do the little traveling he did. Flat tire, battery not charged, etc. Always an inconvenient time and place it seemed so it is worth the yearly service fee :)

    Hang in there! Hopefully spring will be in the air soon! Its cold here too for Phoenix. Seriously, I'm wanting the 119 degree weather! This being cold is for the birds!


  2. Valerie sounds great! It's been freezing here in South Carolina the past few days and it I heard on the news it was calling for possible flurries! I hope not lol!

  3. She's progressing so well; bravo!
    Sorry about the battery, but I'm happy someone finally came to your rescue. We've just purchased for both of our girls some battery charger thingys. (it's not my dept) but they were $200 each; it will charge your battery if it dies. We did this because in the past 4 months we bought 3 new batteries....so, this will help in the future.

  4. You know, AAA road service comes and helps out with that. They give you a new battery and everything. Of course, it costs for the battery, but AAA road service is really good. Glad you got a new battery. It must be pretty cold there where you live. So nice of your neighbor to help out. : )


  5. Lovely sound from Val!
    It's very cold lately.
    You have great neighbors, Mellie.
    Take care!

  6. My husband travels a lot too and I don't know what I'd do without AAA!

  7. Val sounds amazing! Bless the little old lady ho helped you!