Monday, January 20, 2020

Parish Honor Band

As I'd mentioned, last week was Lafourche Parish Honor Band.  Valerie auditioned for District Honor Band back in December and made 3rd chair clarinet.  The two students ahead of her were not from our parish, so she was bumped up to first chair for Parish Honor Band. Yay!! She was dying for a solo, but it didn't happen this time.  Val had three long days of practice.  She gets up at 5am, leaves for school at 6am, and rehearsal was until 8:30pm. The night of the performance, she didn't get home until after 9:30pm.  She was one tired kid, but I'm proud of her hard work and dedication to band.

Of course, I missed all of it.  I'm so thankful to the band moms who help!!  Veronica had dancing on the nights of rehearsal and of course, she had honor choir rehearsal the night of the band concert.  We tried to find Veronica a ride, but there are so few choir kids and almost no honor choir kids.  We asked if she could ride along with her friend who lives nearby and they said no.  Well actually the response was:  "It's not my responsibility to bring her."   Okay then.  I was going to ask about carpooling over the next couple of weeks to cut down on the late night trips out of town but never mind.

The choir kid ready for rehearsal
I did sit in the car and watch the band concert live on Facebook.  So thankful for live streaming!!  I may or may not have watched it a bit teary-eyed.  Still sad that I missed it.  A few others videoed it and sent pictures of Val.  There's my girl on the end of the front row, first chair clarinet!!!


  1. Seems like you handled it as well as you could with having 2 kids in 2 different directions. I find it interesting other parents wouldn't have helped with the transportation. Kinda of tacky I think! WTG to both of your kids with their accomplishments!


  2. You need a clone of yourself. So glad you at least got to watch the video live. And boo-hiss on the non-helping mom. It really does take a village and we should all look out for each other; I have some not so nice words to describe someone like her.

  3. Someday, that non-helping mom will need help and no one will help her.

    Hang in there, Mel - you are doing great!

  4. You are really a wonderful mom, Mellie!