Sunday, January 26, 2020

Since 2005

January 26, 2005 is when I started this blog and made my first post.  We were a new family of three.  Valerie was a month old.  I'd just quit my job of eleven years after taking maternity leave.  Our house was a year old.  Veronica wasn't even a thought.  My parents were alive.  How things have changed.

Before the blog, I had a webpage - or several.  Everybody in the WBS chat rooms had a Geocities webpage, so I wanted one too. I taught myself the basics of HTML and spent hours and hours designing my space on the web. (I actually met Clint because of my webpage but that is another story.)  On it I had a random thoughts section which was my blog back then.  Think Facebook wall before there was a Facebook.  Random sentences.  A picture here and there.  Even after all these years, some of it is still there!!  There was an occasional paragraph but posting was sporadic. Over time, I created several webpages that I used as journals: a wedding one, a house building one, and even one for Valerie and later Veronica.   Around the same time, there were also message boards with online journals.  I belonged to a wedding board and we all had online planning journals to document our weddings. Work was boring and slow, so I'd often waste time surfing the boards and chatting with the ladies.  After the weddings passed, many of us transitioned to to Just Life Journals and eventually Pregnancy Journals and then Mommy Journals.  I'm still Facebook friends with some of those ladies and even met a few of them in person.  That website eventually had drama and was phased out and I eventually gave up the webpages.  I moved here full time. I also had a LiveJournal account that I'd update from time to time.  If you count allllll that, I have been blogging in some form since 1998.

Although I've had this blog since 2005, I have moved it several times to get away from people causing drama. I finally had enough and decided they would no longer have access to our goings on.  They would visit multiple times a day!!  I cloned my page, moved to a new domain twice, and started over somewhat. I left the old blog up as a decoy and changed it to "The Many Places of Bella."  It worked and they still have not found me to this day.  I did lose a few followers and had to start all over.  C'est la vie' I guess.

I've also changed the name a few times.  At first it was "When Do I Get A Day Off?" and was all about adjusting to being a stay at home Mom and figuring out life with a newborn.  Even back then Clint was away a lot, so it was just me and Valerie.  I later changed it to "Melvalron" briefly, then decided on "Valeroni."  I'm sure y'all have figured out why -- VALErie +  VeRONIca = Valeroni.  After all, 99% of my posts are about them!

As life changed, so has the blog....    Sometimes months passed with no posts. A few years ago, I decided to bring it back to life and get back into regular updating again.  I'm sure someday Valerie and Veronica will find this little space and wonder WHY did mamma put all of this out there??  As far as I know, they haven't a clue this exists.  WHEN they do find it, my answer will be:

For the memories.  To remember the day to day things that made up our lives.  So that the little things aren't completely forgotten.  The good and the bad, the happy and the sad.

Here I am today celebrating my official 15th blogiversary!!  So glad to have met all of you, my lovely blogging friends.  I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon.  xoxoxox


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!
    So glad I found you here, and hope you have many more happy years here in Blogland!

  2. Oh yes in 10 years things changes so fast and also my dad was still alive :(
    So then should we start a new decade with a new follower?
    Happy Anniversary :)

  3. Time is flying, Mellie! Proud of you! you are very consistent about blogging.

    Happy 15th blogiversary!!

  4. Happy blog anniversary! That was fun to read how your blogging and online activities had changed over the years! It took me just a little bit to figure out the name of your blog and how it incorporated your daughters' names :) They may be horrified when they see themselves here in the blog if they find it down the road :)

    I started blogging back in 2005 too when it started becoming popular. I've had several blogs over the years. When he was alive, our corgi was my blogging buddy and all the blogs had something to do with corgi in either the name of it or what I wrote about. One day when we were taking a drive in the San Diego area that we lived in at the time I saw a bench overlooking the Pacific Ocean. An idea came to mind "A Bench With a View" so I closed the corgi blog I had at the time (the corgi was still alive at that time, but I figured it was time to move on) and started the current blog I have now. I love blogging and even though a lot of people I blogged with back in 2005-2008 have moved on, there are still a few that we still follow each other. Its a fun thing to be part of!


  5. Wow-you were born to write and journal. I'm not familiar with the online drama; I never understood it, but I guess if you knew the troublemakers in person, it might be different. I had one blog before I started this one and it was very busy with comments, but I wrote very raw back then. And my family didn't know about that one, so I decided to ditch it and start over, writing stuff my family (mom) could read and enjoy. I kinda wish I could go back and read the old one, but I deleted it hoping that no one found it and had hurt feelings. I'm glad I found you and your sweet family. Your girls will LOVE going back and reading about their childhood one day.

    1. I bet you can find your old blog on the Wayback Machine!

  6. Happy 15 Blogiversary Mellie! I look forward to reading more of your blog! Glad I found your blog!

  7. Wow, 15 years, that's great! It's been 9 for us, and have I met some wonderful people in blog land. I wondered why your blog is called Valeroni, so thanks for sharing.

    Here's to many more years of blogging. : )


  8. Good post, I loved it, it's great. Very interesting
    I loved your post, I did not know your blog, do you want to follow us? You already tell me. Cheers

  9. Happy blog anniversary!

    We've been bloggy pallies for some time, Mel!

    So glad we connected!