Saturday, February 15, 2020

Rainbow Roses

The florist surprised me a day early on February 13th with a gigantic bouquet of a dozen rainbow roses from my loving husband!!!  Wow ... WOW.... wow.  They are definitely unique and gorgeous.  These are worth drying and I may attempt to press a few too. Pictures just do not do them justice.

Bella had to get in on the photo action and steal the show!

Seriously, look how BIG these blooms are!


  1. They are gorgeous!! I have never seen any roses like this! And I'm glad he had them delivered a day earlier than Valentine's Day and your anniversary. You got to enjoy them the whole day instead of getting them in the afternoon or evening! I agree drying them, pressing them etc. would be worthwhile to do in this case!


  2. These roses are so fantastic; each petal has unique color patterns.
    A wonderful Valentine's bouquet.

  3. I've never seen anything like these; I wonder if they were dyed after the fact and not actually grown like this? Very sweet!

  4. These roses are gorgeous!

  5. The roses are so pretty!

  6. Those are beautiful! Yes, I would have dried a few too. What a special and thoughtful gift.