Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Rite of passage

A Louisiana rite of passage is the making of a shoe box Mardi Gras float.  Every kid has to make one at some point.  Sometimes it was a project and sometimes it was for a contest.  I remember making several in elementary school, but it seems to be a fading tradition as it isn't done much any more.  Which is why I was surprised when Veronica brought home paperwork about a shoe box float contest for Student Council.  She made one many years ago - maybe first grade?  I don't remember Valerie ever making one.  The catch was it had to be Louisiana themed and not just randomly decorated.

I toyed with a few ideas to come up with something different and decided on a beignet float!  A Cafe Du Monde float! 

We decorated the shoe box in green and white stripes.  I even put a bow tie and a paper hat on a Dollar Tree barbie in a while dress to match the server uniform. 

Unfortunately, Veronica did not win.  She did not even place.  Hardly anyone else made a float, so I thought for sure she had a decent chance but nope!  Oh well, it was fun making it and she did get the usual participation prize (a dress down pass and some free snacks.) 

Better luck next time... if there is a next time!


  1. I think it is adorable!! What a cute concept too with making a float (at least in years past). In California there are lots of missions that the Spanish missionary priests back in the 1700s and 1800s. As part of California history, the kids study this in 4th grade and it was required at least 25 years ago when my daughter was in 4th grade) to make one of the missions however you wanted, sticks, wood, etc. Lots of parents helped out on those LOL :)

    Anyway, I thought Veronica should have won or at least placed! Very imaginative and nicely done!


  2. I agree with Betty - it's totally ADORABLE!

  3. I think you guys did an amazing job-and I love this type of project.
    I'd like to see the acutal winner, because I think we should all object!

  4. Oh, how creative. Love the green and white stripes, and the Barbie is festive with her beads and hat. My girls love Mardi Gras, and try to celebrate it every year. New Orleans holds a special place in their heart.