Thursday, March 05, 2020

13 years of wonder!

That was then....

This is now...

It's hard to believe my baby girl is thirteen today!!!  How fast these years have gone by.   She's gone from the little baby who cried ALL THE TIME to a super smart and detail oriented young lady.  Everything has to be just so and if it's not, she will notice.  Can I brag on how smart she is?  From being 5th grade Student of the Year.  Straight A's all through school, all year, every year.  (Ok she made one B in 4th grade!)  My choir girl who sings at home non stop..... my girl obsessed with musicals and theater, but is too shy to even speak one word to anyone she doesn't know. 

 I'm so glad I get to be her Mom.

She will always be my baby, even though she is taller than me. 

Happy 13th birthday, Veronica!!


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! Such a wonderful young lady with lots of talent and achievements! She will continue to do great in het life!


  2. Wishing Veronica a very happy 13th year. She has a lot going for her, talent, smarts, adorable!!

  3. Happy Birthday to beautiful Veronica!! I am proud of her too!

  4. Happy Birthday to Veronica! I hope she had a fun day filled with all the things she loves. Yes, they do grow up fast. I love that precious picture of her when she was a baby.