Wednesday, March 25, 2020


This unintended Coronacation is going just fine.  I think. 

No gym, no school, and no work means no reason to get up early.  Which is so nice considering what little sleep I get.  I blame hormones that must be out of whack.  HOT then cold, then HOTTER and then BURNING UP plus restlessness all night long.  Getting older is fun.  At least sleeping to 8am or closer to 9am is much better than waking at 5am. 

No gym also means I will look like Bella when this is over. 

Rumor on the street is the kids may not return to school until August.  A few teachers we have spoken to hinted that's what they seemed to think.  Who knows at this point.

Schools finally put a few optional lessons online.  Who knows if my kids will do them - I don't care and I'm not going to make them do it.  I know they won't be the only ones who don't, and they are both A students.  Well, Val did make a B in Algebra I this past nine weeks. 

Yesterday was Clint's birthday!!!  Nothing is open!!  We did pick up dinner to go from Copeland's.  I made a from scratch low sugar/diabetic friendly cheesecake.  Clint bought himself a bicycle from Walmart as his present.  Now we can bike around the neighborhood together and maybe not look like Bella when this is over. 

The kids are so bored that yesterday they were bickering over who gets to fold the towels and who gets to sort clothes.  I had Valerie run the vacuum which she said was "FUN" watching it suck up the dirt.  Veronica passed the spray mop afterwards with no complaints.  I think I'm on to something here!!

Busy work:  Over the past two weeks, working an hour or two at a time, I completely ripped apart our flowerbeds.  It's been neglected for a while.  We put down weed fabric probably 8-10 years ago (??) and have added mulch off and on as needed.  Weeds were taking over, growing like crazy in the composted mulch.  Amazingly, under the fabric is DIRT and hardly any weeds!  I also want to make our beds smaller and easier to manage.  And ditch the messy mulch all together and put down rocks instead.  I cut out ALL weed fabric that was buried under 6-8" of junky mulch.  We're moving the brick border way back and trimming/replanting and will see what happens.  In the meantime, my front yard is trashed:

Stay well, friends!! 


  1. That is a big outside project you are doing. That should burn some calories! Happy belated birthday to Clint! Too funny with the girls and the chores. Heard the teens next door playing badminton the other day lol. Seems like you have a good attitude about these times. So true about sleeping. I do believe it is hormones. It doesn't get much better eithet6 sorry to say!


  2. Happy birthday to your honey!
    Its awesome that the girls are helping with the household chores; more time for you to work in the garden. :)
    I put down the weed barrier stuff years ago against the advice of my lawn guy; he was right. Just like you, the weeds grew IN the weed barrier. Ughhh.
    It will be prett when done.

  3. Happy Birthday to your husband! The homemade cheesecake sounds Yummy. Looks like you are doing a lot of outside projects. I love the brick on your house. My mom had brick all throughout her kitchen, and she laid the bricks herself. It was so charming, so every time I see brick, it makes me smile. : )