Saturday, March 14, 2020

Is this real life?

Yesterday it was announced that our schools were to be closed for five weeks.  FIVE WEEKS!!  I'm still in disbelief.  March 13 - April 20. 

This throws off so many things.... 

Valerie placed second in English I at District Rally and was headed to State Rally at LSU.  Cancelled.

Veronica has choir festival on Monday.  Postponed. 

Valerie was chosen for Talented and Gifted and got in the first round audition.  She has a second round audition on  March 30.  Status unknown at this time, but everything related to the school board is closed.

Veronica had been picked for a science field trip to LSU.  Cancelled. 

I was ready to get Valerie started in driver's ed and we were planning to have her take it over spring break.  In order to do that, she needs a Temporary Instructional Permit from the DMV.  To get the permit, she needs a certificate of enrollment from the school.  School is closed, so no certificate.  No permit.  No driver's ed.  Finding a free weekend for driver's ed is hard because... you know, BAND is all summer long. 

What about PAC?  Performing Arts Club.  Since January, Valerie has been working on the crew for the production of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."  Four days a week, even on weekends. All the kids have put in so much work.  The show is two weeks away.....   now it's postponed. 

Plus spring choir concert.  Spring band concert.  Solo and ensemble?  Any of that still on?

What about required state testing - is that even happening??  Waived? 

AND next weekend we were to cash in our Christmas gift -- tickets to see "Mean Girls" in New Orleans!!   Cancelled. 

I know things often happen for a reason... but damn this lock down we are under seems a bit extreme. 

This whole Coronavirus ordeal is going to be a wild ride.  Hang on tight. 


  1. Love the meme!
    Joe is the BEST! LOL

  2. Ugghh. I'm so sorry the girls events and the DMV thing are being jumbled around. Hopefully, in a few weeks this will be a faint memory for all of us.

  3. I'm sorry to hear the events were postponed. Be well!

  4. Surreal, isn't it! Everything is thrown into chaos.

    Hope this nightmare ends soon.

    Keep safe, my friend.