Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone.  It's going to be a quiet day here.  Who am I kidding?   Since my dad died in 2011, holidays are always quiet and just the four of us.  I guess that is a good thing under these circumstances.  Honestly, not a whole lot has changed for us under this lock down because we don't have family to visit.  The kids' activities went to zero and I've cut down on my shopping trips.  Clint is working from home, which is a huge blessing since he transferred to the Houston office.  He was on the verge of quitting, but working from home makes it so much easier to stay employed.  Other than that, it's almost business as usual 'round here!!  Almost.

For the first time ever, no one got up in the middle of the night to see if the Easter Bunny had passed.  The bunny didn't even bother hiding any eggs, as those days seem to be over.  Wouldn't you know it - Veronica got up and said she couldn't find any eggs.  And she said maybe the bunny didn't hide any because of the virus?  Uhhhmmmm  okay kiddo.  I mean, she's 13 and seems to still believe or maybe she just wants to believe.  I really don't know.  Valerie probably won't get out of bed until this afternoon. 

Clint is working the night shift this week from home.  He wasn't supposed to be here at all, so I'm just glad he's home and not in Texas.  He'll be sleeping most of the day, so Easter dinner will be late this afternoon.  On the menu is turkey breast, ham, rice dressing, corn casserole, mac n cheese, bacon wrapped green beans, dinner rolls, and I made a totally from scratch lemon pie. 

Other than that, it's going to be a lazy day around here.

I know this Easter isn't going to feel normal for anyone, but I hope you all enjoy your day!! 


  1. Happy Easter! Your menu sounds so delicious! We lived far away from family when my kids were growing up so we spent a lot of holidays just the four of us. We made silly traditions to celebrate them which was fun to do. I think the last egg hunt was 8th grade. Then it was no longer cool lol. We are having a quiet day ourselves. Planning to take a drive this afternoon and then ham with potato salad and veggies for dinner. Enjoy the day!


  2. Sounds a great Easter dinner!
    Happy Easter!

  3. Today is Day 28 of our lockdown, supposedly the last but our government extended it for another 2 weeks!

    Stay safe, Mel!

  4. I AM so happy that your honey has been working from home; that has to make it all a bit better. So funny about your girls not being sneaky this year. :)
    Your dinner menu sounds delightful; you really outdid yourself with the pie!

  5. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter Mellie!

  6. Wonderful post, thank you very much!)

  7. What a wonderful Easter menu. And homemade lemon pie! One of my favorites for sure. I smiled when you made a basket for your grown kids, as I still made Easter baskets for my children when they were in their 30's haha. They loved getting adult stuff and goodies. It's nice that your husband gets to work at home, and even that he is still working. There are many that have been let go from their jobs, and it's such a sad thing.

    Stay safe and be well.


    1. Oh they aren't grown - Veronica is only 13! And I can't make one for her and leave out Valerie, 15. I'll probably make baskets for them as long as they live at home though. :)

  8. my girls are now 29 and 21 and I still make them a basket. This year I only got a few candies and instead of too much junk, we got them fitbits. I sure hope that they don't think that I'm joking about us dying eggs together every year... even after they are married with children. There are some things that I refuse to give up.

    my husband was on nightshift on Easter also. It was just a weird day.
    Sounds like you had a great dinner. And that pie - yum!

  9. Hallo
    Sehr schönes Ostermenue :) Du hast sehr schöne Katzen ,ich liebe Katzen.
    Ich folge Dir auf deinen Blog. Vielleicht schaust du bei mir auch mal vorbei,würde mich sehr freuen.

    Liebe Grüße Katrin