Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Random Tuesday thoughts

Here's the answers to the band name picture puzzle from last week!

Last week we finished up our flowerbed project.  It was quite a task pulling all the mulch out and digging out all the overgrown shrubs.  What a disaster my yard was for a while.  Clint pressure washed the edging, the porch, walkway, and driveway.  It looks great!!  I'm hoping the plants we moved survive and the lava rocks will make it easier to maintain.

I'd really like to paint my porch and gables a darker shade of green, but there's this whole 'stay home and only go out for essentials' thing happening.  

With the gym being closed, I've been riding my bicycle a few miles every morning.   My bike is at least 15 years old.  I'd really like a new one, but they are so expensive!  Even second hand, people want crazy amounts of money for them.  We found a fixer upper Schwinn Beach Cruiser on Facebook Marketplace for $15, so we bought it.  At a glance, it looks like it'll be about $40 to get it back rolling.  

Current bike

Fixer upper bike

Gizmo brought in a present Saturday morning.  At least we are assuming it was Gizmo.  I found it in the kitchen - a tiny snake with its head chomped off.  Gross.  NO THANKS! 

Clint wanted a face mask to wear when he does have to go out.  I got out my Mom's sewing machine and followed a YouTube tutorial.  I made myself one too, just in case.  I'm no seamstress but I think I did pretty good over all.  It has a pocket to put a filter inside. 

Both kids are doing fine with this stay at home stuff.  They are bored at times, stay up late, and sleep the day away.  They have optional school work to do, which I am not really making them do.  It's not even from their teachers - it's just packets the school board put together.  Busy work.  As of now, they are supposed to go back to school in May.  I honestly do not see that happening and believe we are done for the year.  

I don't mind staying home, and we stay home a lot, so not much has changed.  I've cut down my shopping trips and there's nothing to drive the kids to.  Everything is closed and cancelled!  At times I do feel a little stir-crazy just sitting at home.  The break from the routine and constant running around has been nice.  I can sleep as late as I want!  No alarms going off at 5am!  But on the other hand, looking ahead, the days feel endless with nothing to do and no where to go.  And no idea when this will actually end.  


  1. ❤️ Stay safe.

  2. I like the mask! You did great! Same with your garden project! Everything looks fantastic! My step granddaughter is in 9th grade. About 2 weeks ago the school got together learning for them to do online. Provided those who needed a laptop to do so. Since then she's been interactive in the classroom with lessons, homework, etc. She's loving it though missing the physical (you know what I mean) contact with seeing her friends. Chatting is just not the same as spending time together in person. Good for you getting out and bike riding. Anything to try to burn those calories. Our schools are physically closed for the year but there are districts like I mentioned above who are doing online learning or providing packets for students in elementary school. \


  3. Your beds look great and your front porch is very welcoming. What a great deal on your fixer upper bike; good for you.
    My MIL made us some masks and mailed them to us; I don't think I would even attempt that project. Enjoy your sleeping in and not running around; hopefully you'll be back to the regular stuff in no time.

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  5. Thanks for answer of the puzzle :)

    I like your flowerbed and bikes as well!

    I also wear a face mask when I have to go to grocery stores.

  6. I am getting restless even for a homebody like me!