Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Summer has arrived

School is officially cancelled for the year.  There is some optional distance learning happening, but who is going to do that if it doesn't count for a grade?  My two girls are doing some of the work, but not much.  A few teachers set up Google Classrooms to give out assignments.  Some aren't doing anything.  They both ended the year with A's.  Veronica has straight A's across everything in 7th grade for the whole year.  Valerie made one B in 9th grade Algebra the 3rd 9 weeks, but her final grade is still an A.  This mamma can't complain about that!!  Both girls are on summer sleep schedules already - staying up until dawn and sleeping the day away.  That's what teenagers do, right??

We've been baking a lot of cookies lately.  I almost always have cookies made, but lately it's more than usual.  Sometimes from scratch, but often not.

I discovered this Betty Crocker mix quite a few years ago.  It is SO good and so easy.  Sometimes it is hard to find so when I see it, I buy several at a time.  A stick of (real) butter, 1 egg, add in some extra vanilla and more chocolate chips.  The perfect chocolate chip cookie!  Crispy edges and soft in the middle.  Pro tip:  Let the butter sit out for a few hours to soften.  Beat the butter, egg, and extra vanilla for a few minutes first.  Then add cookie mix and chocolate chips.

The swimming pool is filling up as I type.  We did not put it up last summer and I really missed it. We have a salt water system so upkeep is nothing once we get it going.  I'm looking forward to some lazy afternoons just floating around!

It took me a while, but I finally finished this 1000 piece puzzle I'd been working on. 

No, those aren't extra pieces in the top corner.  They are from another puzzle! 
Our stay at home order was extended to May 15 yesterday.  I really hope this lock down ends soon.  We've been staying home with very few outings to the store.  Bored, bored!! The break from the routine has been nice, but at some point things need to return to normal.  You don't have to agree, but I have to wonder if we are being played.  If all of this was even necessary?  Will we ever know?  I think everybody has had enough.  I decided to roll the dice and book a beach trip for mid-May.  No school.  Nothing to do.  And it was too cheap to pass up.  The beaches are closed at the moment, so fingers crossed they will be open soon.  If not, I can request a refund, and if they are, I got a heck of a deal on a beach condo.

Hope you all are doing well! 


  1. Congrats to your girls with their grades! Yes we are being played about this whole thing. I will just say that it is a serious illness and I feel for those who have lost loved ones and are sick with it now but I believe we are receiving a lot of fake news and I blame the media on it. I keep saying people are getting antsy and that scared me more. I saw of a stepfather killing his stepson after an argument after the teen defied the stay at home order and went out. And then another story of a young woman's parents being killed by her friends because of their stay at home policy and how she had violated it. Domestic violence and child abuse is up. There is talk here that schools might not even open in August when they would be slated to. Our governor hasn't said what he is going to do after our present order expires Thursday. My son did go back to work yesterday to start cleaning the restaurant in anticipation of it reopening soon. I saw some employees in an Old Navy the other day working on displays. So I wonder if some know what is happening and just not reporting much right now. I for one will be cautious but I will go out when it starts reopening. I think we are going to have to learn how to do life with the virus still around. I don't think it will be eradicated any time soon.

    Love those cookies! Son made so many of them in his teen years!


  2. Betty Crocker is the best! I make brownies with the Betty Crocker mix, and they're better than the others I think. Your cookies look Yummy. Your pool is going to be nice this Summer. Wow, that puzzle looks great! And look at all the chocolate pieces! I know staying home is hard for some, but Yes, I believe it was necessary. So many sick people, so many deaths. This is to be taken seriously.

    Stay well, and it's nice that you are thinking of the days ahead with hope.


  3. I'm so happy that your girls are such great students; less for you to worry about.
    The county just north of us is opening beaches and parks tomorrow; I'll be avoiding people for longer if I can though.
    A family member (young, healthy) has been in the hospital in NJ since late last week; she's been on a ventilator, but seems to be getting better. She has a six month old baby, so we've all been praying for her recovery.
    Now, I need to make cookies too.

  4. Those cholocate cookies look delicious! We have another 15 day work or home mandate as well. I don't mind being in the house because this virus is spreading so much and I want to be safe and well. Have a great week Mellie!

  5. Yummm! Those cookies look amazing, Mel!

    Our lockdown is slowly easing. Now 2 members of a household are allowed in a car to shop for essentials but I am still not taking any chances! Better safe than sorry!