Monday, May 04, 2020

A little late or very early?

We had one piece of mail today.  A card. 

Yes, that is what you think it is.  A Christmas card.  Postmarked April 20. 

So that brings me to question #1 is it late for 2019 or very early for 2020?  Quarantine boredom?

Whats even odder is that it isn't from anyone we know personally.  I had to dig around to figure out who it was from, and it's from a random person in the Facebook card exchange groups.  Every December I send and receive tons of cards from these groups and it's cool to see where they come from and get tons of mail. 

But.  It's May. 

I'm guessing perhaps my card was found somewhere and so they dropped it in the mail.  Hey, better late than never.  Still, they could have jotted a note on the back or something along the lines of  "oops forgot to mail it so surprise, here it is!" 

But.  It's May and it's not like I noticed the missing card around the holidays.  I can say I'm 99.9% certain I did not mail them a card first so they didn't owe me a card.  I usually return a card to those that send me one first due to so many not following through with the exchange.  I also don't think I set up an exchange with this person, so they just found me in one of the groups or grabbed my name from a master list.   

Question #2:  If it were you, and you found a stray Christmas card that hadn't been mailed to a total stranger five months after the fact, would you mail it?   I can't say that I would because I'd just feel silly sending out a Christmas card during summer to someone I don't know. 

Question #3:  Do I send one back??  In July?? 


  1. Oh how funny! Maybe they finally caught up with all their chores after being locked down that they found the box of cards and realized they hadn't mailed them! Heck if they had a stamp on them, I would have probably mailed them myself with of course a little thing written on the back envelope with what you suggested with "oops."

    So to answer your questions:
    1. Late for 2019
    2. Probably, especially these days. People were putting up their Christmas lights I heard it reported to cheer people up.
    3. LOL, probably not now or July :) Call it good until next Christmas!


  2. That's hilarious. I'm gonna guess that the card SAT somewhere in the post office since December, behind a desk/cabinet and they just now found it and mailed it.

    I don't think I'd return as they might find you to be bizarre. LOL!

  3. LOL! I think I will return it - maybe it's just me but I love receiving real mail in a real mailbox whatever the occasion!