Saturday, May 30, 2020

Random and that time we were mask shamed

It was past time for a little change...

This is about as brave as I'll get for now.  It's a little shorter than I wanted so I'm not sure if I like it yet.  I've been toying with the idea of chopping it all off, but even this feels a little too short for me.  I have dozens of short hairstyle pics saved.  I just don't have the nerve though. I've only had it super short twice - when I was 8 and in my 20s someone butchered my hair and I had no choice.   I think how nice and cool it would be and how easy to style it would be.  But then there's no more pony tails and I'd almost have to fix my hair every day or constantly look like I just rolled out of bed.

This happened:

Valerie got her Temporary Instructional Permit and enrolled in Driver's Ed!!!  Yikes.  I'm not entirely sure she's ready to take on driving.  (Or if I'm ready for her to drive.) I've given her a few brief lessons and she was pretty anxious and said it was scary.  While I'm not trying to force her behind the wheel, if she didn't take Driver's Ed now, no telling when she'd be able to.  Band is about to kick off summer practices.  Then if (IF) there is marching band, she'll be tied up with that through November.  She wants to do indoor percussion in the spring also....  At that rate, she would be 17 + before she got a license. It takes so FREAKING LONG to get a driver's license??  When did all of this change??  I was 16, walked into the DMV, took the written test, went for a short drive, and walked out with a license.  Now, you must get a letter from school, go to the DMV to get an Instructional Permit, pay $400 to take a 38hr driving class, go back to the DMV to get a learner's permit, get a minimum of 50 hours / 6 months of driving experience, THEN take the actual driving test back at the driving school, and return to the DMV to get a beginners license......   Three trips to the DMV!  And about $480 in fees??  WHAT IS ALL THAT?!?

While at the DMV we were mask shamed. They are only letting one person in the building at a time and thankfully there were only three people in line when we got there!!  Hit the jackpot!!  The woman guarding the door asked us why we were there and asked if we wanted masks.  I politely declined and she said ok but you have to tell the lady you rejected a mask.  Um ok.  She then followed us in and announced rather loudly "They rejected a mask!!  Both of them!!"  I swear they wrote our names on a list also.  They wrote us down for something.  Valerie probably turned 5 shades of red.  The funny thing - every single employee had their mask on like THIS:

Actual picture!!  Now I'm not mask shaming them, well maybe I am just a little.  I know wearing a mask all day long has got to be the worst, but don't shame me for not wearing one when you have one on just for show!

 Clint's been studying away at his online realtor's license school.  There's been no job leads but honesty we aren't really looking.  He's hoping to finish school and take the state licensing test in June.  It's been a month since he was let go from Halliburton and would you believe we still do not have his severance payment???  Good thing we are fine without it, but still...

Things are starting to open back up here in Louisiana.  Restaurant seating is open at 25% capacity.  The mall is half open.  Veronica was able to go to the orthodontist.  Some gyms are open.  Not Planet Fitness though.  The movies is still closed and we are wondering if our theater will return at all.  We are hearing band practice will be limited to groups of 25, so they will have to work with that.  For some reason, All-State Honor Choir in October was cancelled.  5 months away!  Veronica cried for hours when she heard the news.  Seems like a rash decision at this point.  I'm hoping things will gradually return to normal, but if events months away are still being cancelled, it doesn't look promising. 


  1. I love your hair cut; looks super cute on you.
    Congrats on the learners permit; now order yourself a big load of patience. :)
    The people wearing masks the wrong way crack me up. HELLO???!!
    I'm glad you guys are feeling more normal now, I'm praying we all continue forward with no setbacks.

  2. I like your short hair. Really for summer it is the best way to go!

    Wow about getting a license! It's been 17 years since son got his license and it was in Montana but no driver Ed class, etc. Basically got his permit, practiced for 6 months, then took the test on his 15th birthday. They start driving up there early.

    Having a teen driver is scary lol, but it is a rite of passage. Having her get it doesn't mean she has to use it but at least it is done for when she feels more comfortable on the road.

    I hate things being cancelled that many months away. Ridiculous! Also I heard the virus is harder to transmit outside. Marching band outside with the whole band doesn't seem unreasonable to me. But again I have a much different opinion than most about the virus and the ridiculous long lockdown.

    I think my next post is going to be about masks and the miswearing of them.


  3. Love your new hairdo. You look fantastic, Mel!

  4. Oh, you look so cute in your new hair cut. I just did some DMV stuff online. Nel helped me, and don't know what I'd do without her. I really give your credit for taking care of all that in person.


  5. I loved the haircut . I am yet to do one after the lockdown lift