Tuesday, May 05, 2020

The axe has fallen!

If you'll recall, back in December Clint was given the choice to take a severance package or take a 14/14 rotational position in Houston.  After much deliberation, he took the job in Houston to buy us some time.  He'd looked at several apartments but hadn't picked one because by then he'd decided he didn't know how long he could stand to do this job.  He was struggling with working fourteen 12 hour nights in a row.  Then Corona happened, and he told them he was working from home because he was high risk and we were hearing rumors of the Louisiana border being shut down.  He didn't want to be stuck in Texas.  So, he's been working from home since mid-March.  He was going to stick out the job as long as he could from home, then we had decided he would quit when they said he had to return to the office. 

This past weekend, his boss set up a meeting via phone call for 4:30 Monday afternoon.  We figured with things starting to open back up, it was going to be the end of working from home.  Ha - instead it was the end of working.  Clint got read the 'your services are no longer required' script.  And that was that. 

After 27 years with the big red H oil company, Clint is unemployed!!! 

Financially it's going to be a big change with out that big income.  He got a decent severance and insurance will continue through July.  That's the biggest concern --  securing our own health insurance.  Thankfully we'll be fine because we are pretty much set to retire.  We own three rent houses free and clear, so we have that coming in.  Clint is planning to get a real estate license because he likes fooling with the houses so much.  I'm glad our house is paid off and our vehicles are older and paid for too.  I'm also thankful he did NOT rent an apartment in Texas because he'd be stuck in a lease.  I think the close call in December bought us some time to prepare ourselves, so it isn't a total shock.  The oilfield is so slow right now and they were cutting people left and right, so we knew it was a possibility for his name to come up again. 

SO, now it's on to the next chapter, whatever that may be!! 


  1. Look at it as a blessing in disguise. Win Win situation for him not to have rented a place! Insurance will be an issue but I am sure there will be options available. Real estate can be a great field to get into too. Especially if he doesn't truly have to work. He can probably get unemployment after severance pay. You guys will be fine! Maybe it will be time to see what you might want to pursue too!


  2. Wow. I'm so sorry to read this, but then again, it sounds like a blessing in disguise? Time to move to something better for Clint. Having the rental money coming in is awesome as well as the fact that you don't have a mortgage or car payments. YAY YOU guys for being pro-active planners.
    So...more good family time for a while.
    Be well.

  3. It does sound like a blessing in disguise. God works in mysterious ways!

    Enjoy the family time for now and I am sure Clint will move on to something better.