Monday, June 01, 2020

The China Cabinet

My sweet blogging friend Sherri over at Red Rose Ally mentioned her china cabinet in a post not long ago.  It inspired me to write about ours.

This was Clint's Mother's china cabinet and before that it was her mom's.  We figured it dates back to the early 1900s.  Around 2005-2006 we had it re-finished.  The guy who did it said it still had the original glass.  I've always been paranoid that someone will back a dining table chair into it and shatter it.

Inside it is filled with all sorts of treasures, some would probably say too many as it is quite cluttered. A few things were my grandmother's.  Most of these things belonged to my Mom and are things I remember seeing my entire life.

This is our wedding cake topper and champagne glasses from when we got married in 2003. 

My parent's cake topper sits inside as well.  June 1970.

When I was a little kid of 3-4 years old, I'd get to drink out these rooster glasses for Christmas.  I'd get 7-Up and a splash of cherry juice with a cherry in it.  I LOVED these glasses and my special drink.  I didn't know where they disappeared to, but I discovered them packed away in a box when we cleaned out my parents' house.  It was one of the few things that made me cry.  I couldn't believe she'd kept the glasses.

Ponchatrain Beach was an amusement park in New Orleans.  It's long gone and  I don't think I ever went there.  This was a souvenir that my Mom had for decades. Why a toilet?  I don't know.  It sat on the bookshelf in our living room and I used to play with it and pretend it was a toilet for my dolls!  The lid used to open but at some point the hinge cracked and we glued it shut. 

1984 World's Fair was held in New Orleans.  We almost didn't get to go!!  They gave students free tickets in hopes that adult ticket sales would make up for it.  I finally convinced my Mom to let me skip school one day and we went.  The pelican was the mascot and there was a contest to choose his name.  The winner was "Seymore D. Fair"  (see more the fair.) 

My grandmother's milk glass.  She kept those icky sugary orange slices candy in this.  We'd go visit and she'd tell me "Cher (sha) go look over there and they got something for ya."  And I'd go grab a candy.  I didn't like them much but it was candy!

My Mom always worked the parties when I was in elementary school.  In 6th grade, we had voted our mascot to be a unicorn and our class color was red.  She made one of these ornaments for every student in my class for our Christmas gift.  Sacred Heart School, 1983.

This was a little doll that my Aunt Vivian gave to me.  I don't remember exactly when but I was probably a pre-teen, so early 80s or late 70s.  I'm not sure why she gave it to me and don't think she ever gave me anything else.  It sat on my dresser almost my entire life.  She used to have a bonnet but I don't know where that went.

Gold leaf glasses seem to be pretty popular as I see them for sale in thrift/antique shops from time to time. 

My Mom's tea set.  Funny thing is Clint's Mom had the exact same tea set!!  I also see these for sale quite often in the junk shops around town.  

I also have various glassware, cake plates, ice cream dishes, and my wedding china stored inside.  

Underneath the china cabinet sits this small chest of silver.  My Mom bought this from a door-to-door salesman in the 1950s?  Maybe 60s.  She never used any of it -- except for the teeny tiny spoon that she fed me with.  So I guess  I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth!  Ha!  The chest sat in my bedroom closet untouched.  Christmas 2007 she wrapped it up and gave it to me for Christmas.  Eight months later she died, so it was the last thing she ever gave me.  We used a few pieces once for Christmas or Thanksgiving. The rest is still wrapped in plastic.  I just can't stand the idea of it tarnishing, so we don't use it either.  

As a bonus gift when she purchased the chest, she got the tea service set.  Once she polished up the platter and used it for my birthday cake.  

There's a few other nick-nacks and random things in there.  These were some of the things that stand out as special to me.  Hope you enjoyed reading about my china cabinet collection of stuff! 


  1. Such a beautiful China cabinet filled with many wonderful things of fantastic memories! Love how you have your parents' cake topper from their wedding! Thanks for sharing this all!


  2. WOW early 1900s how cool to have such an authentic piece! And those gold leaf glasses, I swear my grandmother had the same ones! One time when I would watch Mad Men there was a green textured pitched that was exactly the same as one my grandmother had. It so weird to see it on the show.

    Allie of

  3. WOW! How precious to have your parents' cake topper in your beautiful cabinet!

  4. Oh, I'm so glad you showed your china cabinet. It's beautiful. And the fact that it's from the 1900's makes it even more special. Loved seeing all your treasures. Your grandmother's milk glass is pretty, and you have a sweet memory of her putting orange slices in there. I remember those candy orange slices well. The little doll your Aunt Vivian gave you is precious. I've always loved dolls, especially old ones that have meaning. The chest of silver has a unique design. You don't see pretty ones like that any more.

    Thank you for sharing all your treasures and especially this lovely china cabinet. And I'm glad you have a place to store all your keepsakes from loved ones that mean so much to you.


  5. So happy seeing your beautiful china cabinet and those awesome treasures.

  6. What a very sweet treasure trove of memories. I love that you have the family cabinet and that you can look through it fondly with great memories.
    My Grandma had a silver tea set and the thing was a mess to keep clean; she said it was more trouble that it was worth it. ;)