Sunday, July 26, 2020

July Happenings ~~

Oops, I guess I took a little unintentional blogging break there.  I haven't posted anything since mid-June!  And wow, it's the end of July already?!   In a few weeks this long summer is over and it's back to school....  As long as we don't regress back to Phase 1 (which looks highly possible), school is a go for us.  We have the option to do virtual, but nah...    If we are in Phase 2 as we are now, it will be two weeks of virtual, then a hybrid schedule alternating days in class and at home.  My girls will be in "A" group: Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday in class.   ALL extracurricular activities clubs, sports, etc. are cancelled.  No marching band.... no choir festivals....  nothing. If we ever go to phase 3 it will be regular 5 days a week school, or as regular as it can get these days.

BIG NEWS:  Clint finished the online realtor's class!!  He then traveled to Baton Rouge and took the state exam July 2 and PASSED!  My husband is now a licensed realtor in the State of Louisiana!!!  It's a slow process to get going, but he joined the team of a local real estate office.  Look at him all fancy and professional in this flyer for an open house:

Other  NEWS:  Since marching band has been cancelled for the year and there's no band camp this summer, Valerie decided to get Driver's Ed over with.  She passed the written test with a 97%!  She was very nervous about driving portion, but she seemed to do just fine with it.  She passed the driving part with an 86% and now has a learner's permit!  She has yet to do any driving (I think she is still scared) but we have plenty of time to work on it.  I'm hoping by next spring she'll be license ready.

Veronica got to attend a week long "Broadway Boot Camp" that the local theater put on.  She is nuts about musicals at the moment and it is ALL she talks about.  She had a fabulous time and I really hope she gets a chance to audition for an actual role whenever things get back to normal.  I think it would help bring her out of her shell.

Here she is as Olaf in a short scene from Frozen: 

I will leave y'all with a HILARIOUS video of my kiddos.  Disney World is back open, and the wait times are practically nothing.  Valerie is a die hard Disney fanatic and every day she gives me updated wait times and shows me pictures of just how empty it is.  We were toying with the idea of going for a few days.  Airfare is so cheap!  The condos we stay at are 1/3 of what they usually run.  So tempting! The girls came marching in the living room decked out in Disney gear and presented us this Power Point to persuade us we should go...    It's a little long and I wasn't prepared to video at all but they really put a lot of planning into putting this together.  

I will get around to visiting you all and catch up very soon!! 


  1. Congrats to Clint for getting his real estate license!! I'm sure he'll do great in the field! Whole different field these days I would imagine with showing houses, etc during this virus mess. I loved the real estate agent who sold us our two houses down here in Phoenix. She was dynamic and got the job done but was a fun person to be around. We saw a lot of houses together and since we went in one city 90 miles away we could only look at houses on the weekend so I would give her a list of houses we wanted to see and then we would start going to them. We got to the point of snooping really in people's houses (after all you got to check out the closet space right?) and then making up stories about who lived there. Kinda of disappointed when we closed on the second house LOL. Anyway, I digress. Clint will do great!!!

    Congrats to Valerie on getting her permit. Honestly I think I mentioned this before I gained so much time when my son learned how to drive. Didn't have to take him to school, etc. But of course I miss those days now LOL. The roads here are pretty empty, wonder if it is the same at your city . She might get a little confident as time goes on to get behind the wheel to practice driving more.

    How fun with the camp Veronica was in . Its good they had camps like that; I'm not sure what we have going here. I saw a bit of her scene playing Olaf; very nicely done!

    I also saw some of their sales pitch for a Disneyworld trip. They got a point about the strollers LOL. I say go for it with a visit there! This is probably the best time to do so. Another blog I follow had a picture of the castle from Disneyworld. Her son and his fiancee went there for a birthday celebration weekend. There was NO BODY around the area. Masks of course are required but just do it (and hopefully before school starts).

    We are virtual for in school here for the start though the high school my step granddaughter goes to is talking about the A/B schedule similar to your girls one. Not sure how they will do with bus service. Probably have to rope off every other row as not being able to be sat in and of course masks required.

    Summer is flying by, weird because it is such an abnormal one LOL :)


  2. So much good stuff in this post! Congrats to Clint; wishing him much success in this next endeavor.
    I love how your school district is opening up this year; very smart with mixing up the days and less people at once; hopefully all goes well and smooth.
    Your girls should be able to go to Disney after that wonderful presentation. I can't imagine how much time it took them to put that together; they're so clever!

  3. Congrats to Clint! Glad life is good for you, Mel!

  4. So much great news in this post Mellie! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Congratulations on your husband being a Realtor now, that's great! Oh, my daughters are Disney fanatics too. Tell your daughter I heard that they were making a Princess and the Frog ride at Disney soon. Not sure, but that's what I heard. : )


  6. Congratulations to your husband, that's awesome!

    That's cute, and very inventive, that they came up with a PowerPoint presentation. I used to write papers on whatever I was trying to convince my parents of.