Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Wordless Wednesday ~ just a drive by!

It's been a while and I probably have a lot to say!!  But for now... it's a drive by Wordless Wednesday...

Single?  Taken?  At the gym with Batman!  


  1. So much to love here!
    Congrats on the new driver!
    And I'll take a cupcake please!

  2. Wow!! Congrats on your daughter getting her license!! Yum on the cupcakes! I think it looks like things are going well in your part of the country!


  3. Wow! So much good stuff happening! Congrats on the driver, the cookies look amazing and haircuts!
    You two superheros are too cute!

  4. Yaaay, your daughter got her license! I just got a renewal, and was so thankful. Those cookies and cupcakes look so good. You look cute in your Batman shirt. Aaahhh, sisters hanging out on the couch, I love it.
    I hope you are enjoying these warm Summer days. Looking forward to Autumn already. : )


  5. Congrats on your daughter getting her license!! Another major milestone for her!