Sunday, September 20, 2020

Am I 48 or 84?

This whole week is going to be flooding rain thanks to Beta hovering over us.  Last I saw it wasn't going to become a hurricane, which is good news.  It's still a slow mover and is going to dump a lot of water on the Southern coast.   The forecast says we could get a foot of rain.  

Tuesday I had a podiatrist appointment.  For quite some time I have had the feeling of a hard marble under the ball of my left foot.  I first noticed it many many months ago when I stepped barefoot into the shower.  It didn't hurt... then.  It wasn't noticeable at all when I had shoes on so I kept going about my business thinking it would go away.  Gradually over time it grew sensitive then quite painful off and on.  I couldn't be barefoot on a hard surface or touch the ball of my foot. There were a few days last month where it was so painful I couldn't walk on it at all.  Thanks to Dr. Google I diagnosed myself and the podiatrist confirmed it:  Morton's Neuroma - a very painful swollen or thickened nerve in the ball of your foot. 

It's progressive and can require surgery to remove the nerve.   For now, I was given a steroid shot in the foot.  Or through the foot because the injection goes in the top by your toes all the way to the nerve on the bottom.  OMG I was not warned that it would hurt so much.  I got dizzy and teary eyed it hurt so much.  SO painful.  The days following were worse than before the shot.  My foot turned red and swollen.  I couldn't walk on it at all for 2 days.  I'm still hobbling around like an 80 year old woman and can't put all my weight on my foot.  I go back to the doc in a month, which he did mention sometimes it takes more than one steroid shot. (oh no not again.)  Sometimes they don't work at all and the only solution is to remove the neuroma.  In the mean time, I'm attempting some self care suggestions I found online.  I bought some Vionic shoes to try.  Ice, calf stretches, toe separators, toe socks, metatarsal pads, pain meds, and lots of rest.  I have no idea what caused this because I'm not a runner and I don't wear tight pointy shoes or high heels ever.  I'm trying to be positive, but this is a long term condition and has gotten me feeling pretty down.  

Just so this post isn't all gloomy, here's little Deme cat with her round little belly that's getting rounder by the day.  Kittens in two weeks or so is my guess.  She really is the sweetest little kitty.  

Sunday, September 13, 2020

As 2020 continues....

Guess what y'all??  We're in Phase 3!!  YAY!!!  Well it's more like Phase 2.1 because of some crazy restrictions from our governor.  BUT five day in person school returns in two weeks.  Band will resume for Valerie.  No word on choir for Veronica but I'm sure that will happen also.  

Oh wait.  It's 2020.  Before we get to do all of that, school is cancelled AGAIN. 

What else ya got, 2020??  Laura was a hard hit west of us. Sally is going to be a weak storm, but a slow rainmaker.  SO over it all!!!  

Kitty is still here.  I guess I might as well accept the fact that we have another cat!  She is definitely prego.  Right now I have her set up on our front porch with food, water, and a bed.  She's super chill and quiet.  She comes to me for pets, but mostly seems content to just lay on the cement under my patio furniture.  I sit out there with her a few times a day.  I can't bring her inside until she's vet checked.  Once before I adopted a tiny kitten from the shelter and he turned out to be Feline Leukemia positive, so I can't take the chance of exposing Gizmo and Bella to anything.  I feel like the kitty has had a rough start and I feel so bad for her.  She's so thin that I can feel all of her bones.  I brought some kitty toys out to play with her, and she was SO scared of the fuzzy toys on a stick.  It made me wonder if someone had hit her with a stick.  People suck.  She's so pretty....  her eyes are wicked green!!!  

No name yet.  Veronica is insisting we call her "Demeter."  I'm not sold on that, although I could go with Demi for short.  Freckles.  Jade.  Ash.  Lilith.  Spooky.  We shall see!  

Thursday, September 10, 2020

I can't make this stuff up

 As y'all know, we just said goodbye to my sweet SassyCat.  Sure do miss my old girl and I still find myself glancing around the corner for her sometimes.  We still have Bella and Gizmo to keep up with and I said I was not getting another third because three cats in the house is too much.  

Late yesterday I opened the front door to the sounds of cats fighting.  Bella was on the defensive as she is very territorial.  And this gorgeous, friendly little gal was there to greet me.  Meows, purrs and all.  Painfully thin (except for being a little full in the belly - UH OH).  She's nothing but skin and bones.  Of course we fed her really good and oh she's the sweetest. She's still here this morning and seems to have taken up residence on my porch and is desperately trying to come inside.  

As I sat there staring at this cat, I can hear my Dad's voice in my head.  We always had cats.  Too many cats.  We had six or maybe seven at one time.  Dad's theory was that anytime we lost one cat, another would soon come along to take it's place.  Never a shortage of cats, he'd say.  Usually he was right.  

Sigh.  Kitty has a very old flea collar on.  I posted in all the usual Facebook groups and no one has claimed her.  I need to get her scanned for a chip, but I'm willing to bet she doesn't have one.  I also HIGHLY suspect she's on her way to being a MAMMA cat.  Oh lawd. Kittens too??  Sigh.  It's only been a day so still hoping someone claims her.  The chances of her being dumped seem pretty high though. 


On our way to pick up lunch, Veronica (who is insanely obsessed with CATS the musical) blurts out: 

"I've been secretly praying to the fake cat god from CATS the musical to send more cats to our house.  Does this mean it's real?"  


To be continued......