Sunday, September 13, 2020

As 2020 continues....

Guess what y'all??  We're in Phase 3!!  YAY!!!  Well it's more like Phase 2.1 because of some crazy restrictions from our governor.  BUT five day in person school returns in two weeks.  Band will resume for Valerie.  No word on choir for Veronica but I'm sure that will happen also.  

Oh wait.  It's 2020.  Before we get to do all of that, school is cancelled AGAIN. 

What else ya got, 2020??  Laura was a hard hit west of us. Sally is going to be a weak storm, but a slow rainmaker.  SO over it all!!!  

Kitty is still here.  I guess I might as well accept the fact that we have another cat!  She is definitely prego.  Right now I have her set up on our front porch with food, water, and a bed.  She's super chill and quiet.  She comes to me for pets, but mostly seems content to just lay on the cement under my patio furniture.  I sit out there with her a few times a day.  I can't bring her inside until she's vet checked.  Once before I adopted a tiny kitten from the shelter and he turned out to be Feline Leukemia positive, so I can't take the chance of exposing Gizmo and Bella to anything.  I feel like the kitty has had a rough start and I feel so bad for her.  She's so thin that I can feel all of her bones.  I brought some kitty toys out to play with her, and she was SO scared of the fuzzy toys on a stick.  It made me wonder if someone had hit her with a stick.  People suck.  She's so pretty....  her eyes are wicked green!!!  

No name yet.  Veronica is insisting we call her "Demeter."  I'm not sold on that, although I could go with Demi for short.  Freckles.  Jade.  Ash.  Lilith.  Spooky.  We shall see!  


  1. That Sally sat over us for a day and a half; the RAIN!!! I hope she moves quicker over you guys.
    The kitty is so pretty. Poor thing, who knows what she's been through. :( I hope she is healthy.

  2. Such a cute cat! I am sure she feels safe with you. I would call her Messy because this whole year has been a mess. Yay that you are at phase 3 sort of. I think we are in stage 1 never going to make it to stage 2 myself here in Arizona. Would be nice if that rain was in California and Oregon! It's refreshing to see life going back to somewhat normal in your neck of the woods.


  3. "People Suck."
    My favorite sentence in your post!!!!!
    Precious kitty. : )

  4. Awww! She is so ADORABLE! Those eyes!!!