Thursday, September 10, 2020

I can't make this stuff up

 As y'all know, we just said goodbye to my sweet SassyCat.  Sure do miss my old girl and I still find myself glancing around the corner for her sometimes.  We still have Bella and Gizmo to keep up with and I said I was not getting another third because three cats in the house is too much.  

Late yesterday I opened the front door to the sounds of cats fighting.  Bella was on the defensive as she is very territorial.  And this gorgeous, friendly little gal was there to greet me.  Meows, purrs and all.  Painfully thin (except for being a little full in the belly - UH OH).  She's nothing but skin and bones.  Of course we fed her really good and oh she's the sweetest. She's still here this morning and seems to have taken up residence on my porch and is desperately trying to come inside.  

As I sat there staring at this cat, I can hear my Dad's voice in my head.  We always had cats.  Too many cats.  We had six or maybe seven at one time.  Dad's theory was that anytime we lost one cat, another would soon come along to take it's place.  Never a shortage of cats, he'd say.  Usually he was right.  

Sigh.  Kitty has a very old flea collar on.  I posted in all the usual Facebook groups and no one has claimed her.  I need to get her scanned for a chip, but I'm willing to bet she doesn't have one.  I also HIGHLY suspect she's on her way to being a MAMMA cat.  Oh lawd. Kittens too??  Sigh.  It's only been a day so still hoping someone claims her.  The chances of her being dumped seem pretty high though. 


On our way to pick up lunch, Veronica (who is insanely obsessed with CATS the musical) blurts out: 

"I've been secretly praying to the fake cat god from CATS the musical to send more cats to our house.  Does this mean it's real?"  


To be continued......  


  1. Oh yep!
    You have a new family member!
    Perhaps several more???
    Post pics of the kittens, please???

  2. Somehow I think she is going to make it into your family. I like your dad's theory. There does seem to be lots of cats around. Never owned one myself. Let us know the rest of the story!


  3. Yes, yes, yes! You have a new family member!

  4. This sounds like the cat I found outside my patio when I was I high school except that in this case she was still kitten and pregnant. My mom and I fed her after and my mom even took her to vet. Thankfully she and her kittens were growing healthy.