Tuesday, October 27, 2020

This week....

So this week we're looking at a hurricane.  Halloween.  A blue moon.  And a time change.   *****edit below

I just don't know anymore....  Do I have to bring in my Halloween decorations AGAIN??!!!!  Just days before Halloween??  I think we may just take the witch's hats off and call it a day.  Everything is anchored down with spikes hammered into the ground, so it isn't going to be blown away.  Still.  

So done with all of this.

Here's some kitty pictures instead of more complaining!!  The two orange males have gone on their merry way to live with their families!!  I will miss them as I've grown quite attached to these little guys. I wanted to cry yesterday when Marlin left.  He was just so stinkin' cute and followed me around.  It's been really fun watching them grow and play, but they did bring lots of chaos into my house.  They are only five weeks old, but are eating pretty good and are litter trained.  I was a little unsure about sending them off so early, but both ladies work at a veterinarian clinic and said they would be fine.  The little calico is much smaller and will be with us for another week or so.  THEN mamma cat is getting fixed!!!!

**** EDITED: 1 hour later add QUARANTINE to the list for this week (or two.)  Got the call from school: Valerie is now under 'house arrest' because she was in contact with a student who tested positive for the virus.  Someone in her P.E. class that she played badminton with yesterday tested positive this morning. 


  1. Oh geesh with Valerie now under quarantine. Probably right when she was enjoying being back in school now she's out of it for the time of quarantine. So cute with the kitties!!! We don't change the time in Arizona so that's a good thing; at least that chaos won't be happening here :)


  2. Bless your soul! Prayers for everything! And I wish I could have one of those precious kitties! Stay safe and healthy.

  3. Goodness with the storms and now quarantine. Praying for you guys!
    Good news about the kitties getting homes.:)