Friday, December 11, 2020

About the cats

 It's a beautiful day here so the kitties wanted to venture out to play.  

Deme the mamma cat has healed from her spay surgery and has been converted into a housecat. Sleeping in our bed and seeking out soft pillows.  She's claimed the best spot on the back of the couch as hers.  She's quite bossy and has crowned herself queen of the household. We're guessing she's about a year old and has grown a lot since she first got here. She has the softest fur I have ever felt on a cat and her coat looks so much better.  It's amazing what a little love can do.  Her eyes are still wicked green!  She stares at me sometimes and it's borderline creepy. 

And for comparison, here she is the day she showed up.  Hard to believe she had 4 babies hiding in there. 

Gizmo is five and still acts like a crazy kitten most of the time.  He demands to be held and petted.  If you don't comply he strikes out with teeth or claws.  He's a pretty boy but quite a demanding little booger. 

Gizmo and Deme have teamed up and I call them double trouble!!  They follow each other around all day long.  Where one goes, the other will soon follow.  Every day is a continuous game of chase. They even wake me up at night (more like 3am) wrestling at the foot of my bed.  (fun times.)  

Bella... oh Bella.  Grumpy Bella.  Bella is a big girl.  She's the oldest kidcat at 9. She's sweet as can be to us and boy does she love her shoes! She still isn't a Deme fan and hisses and growls at her.  Deme has tried so hard to be friends but Bella isn't having it.  She's at least more tolerant now than she was at first. I'm hopeful that Bella will chill out!  


  1. Wow what a difference in Deme in just a few short months!! And to be sleeping on your bed!! A success story indeed!


  2. God bless you for giving Deme all the love and care; she's made a remarkable comeback!
    They are all so pretty and I laughed seeing Bella with the shoes--too funny!