Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve!!

 I'm feeling a little nostalgic this Christmas Eve.  Don't we all think about Christmases past this time of year?!  One of the things we've done my entire life is take pictures in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.  When I was little, we'd get dressed up and open gifts under the tree.  Then we'd go to my grandma's for the big family celebration.  But before any of that, we took pictures in front of the Christmas tree.  Just me.  Then me and Dad.  Then me and Mom.  When I was old enough to use the camera I snapped a rare photo or two of Mom and Dad together.  Now I do the same with my family, only we have the magic of digital cameras and take many, many more!!  The kids get annoyed and don't want to take a bunch of pictures.  I tell them that someday they will appreciate these moments frozen in time someday as much as I do. 

My Mom long before I was born

my first Christmas

Not in front the tree, but it was Christmas Eve and the last pictures with all six of us.  My Mom left us the next summer. 


And finally the only picture of me and Santa there is!  I was terrified of any Santa and this was at some kind of church event.  My friends took a picture first and so I decided I would do it.  

Merry Christmas Eve my friends!!!  


  1. How cute with all the pictures! Your hair sure changed color over the years :) Great wonderful memories when you look at them for sure!

    Merry Christmas Eve right back to you and yours!


  2. These are treasured photos. You can tell they are from back in the day. Your Mom is lovely. And I love the one of you and Santa. I used to go through my Mom's old black and white photos and wondered about the story behind them. It's a great tradition to take pictures of the family on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas Mellie. May peace and joy be with you throughout the new year.


  3. Beautiful memories in the Christmas Eve!
    Merry Christmas to you and family!