Saturday, December 26, 2020

Happy Boxing Day!

 December 26 has always been my favorite shopping day of the year.  Half price day!!!  Most years I'd stock up on body wash and shampoo gift sets.  I actually still have several bottles of shampoo/conditioner that I bought half price last year!  Of course it's also the best day to buy lights for the outside of the house.  With the exception of a few strings, everything we use for the light show was bought on clearance.  There were slim pickings this year.  Not sure if it's covid related or what, but there weren't hardly any lights left at all three Walmarts by us.  I did pick up some Secret deodorant gift sets and all the baking supplies were half off also, so I stocked up on chocolate chips since I bake cookies several times a week.  I will probably go to Target in the next day or so just to see what's left.  

Christmas was quiet for us and not much different than any other year even during these times.  We have not gone anywhere for Christmas in over a decade now.  Since my Dad passed in 2011, we've had guests over on Christmas once.  In some ways it's nice because we don't have to do anything we don't want to do.  The kids can sleep in and we can take our time cooking or whatever.  

Christmas Eve we had our usual party food of finger sandwiches, meatballs & sausage, chips/dip, devilled eggs, crackers and cheese, and cookies.  Then the kids opened their gifts under the tree.  I shopped for myself this year and bought a new Fitbit and a Roomba.  Clint bought himself a firepit and some tools.  Both girls said they still wanted Santa to pass because it was fun getting up at midnight to see what he had left.  Santa did not bring very much this year.  Veronica mostly wanted books, so that is what she got.  Valerie asked for a few small things and well she just did just get a car so....  

I won't lie - I'm sad the Santa days are over.  I may or may not have shed a few tears thinking of years past. I miss seeing those excited little faces on Christmas morning.....  

Christmas Day Clint cooked dinner.  I had announced last week I was not cooking.  I did all the work for Thanksgiving and I wasn't spending all of Christmas in the kitchen.  Clint took over which was a nice break for me and did a fabulous job roasting a spatchcocked turkey, a ham and all the sides.  We had a mid afternoon Christmas dinner and pretty much did nothing all day!!  

Counting down.... just five more days left of 2020!!  


  1. I had to look up spatchcocked turkey. I hadn't heard the term before. Sounded good and that was nice of Clint to take over the duties. Looked like a nice Christmas! Sometimes low key ones are the best, even if that is the usual routine you have had over the years :)

    I noticed today at Wal-Mart that there wasn't the usual long lines for returning things and also when we went driving around the mall it wasn't super busy for the day after Christmas. Also noticed people going into the mall weren't carrying bags to perhaps exchange things. I did notice the Christmas stuff seemed to be packed away and Valentine's Day was being put up at Wal-Mart.

    I can't believe it will be 2021. This year for all of its troubles has gone by pretty fast for some strange reason. I'm not looking forward to New Year's Eve. Usually I'm in bed before midnight but this year with the dog I fear that won't happen as it is legal to put off fireworks so I imagine there will be lots of fireworks at midnight and he barks at them :)


  2. You said SPATCHCOCKED. HA. That is a big funny in our house and we love to just 'throw' it out there. Coach spatchcocked a turkey for thanksgiving and it was the best and less work for me.
    I'm glad you all had a nice, low key Christmas. It looks and sounds perfect. No stress. I sometimes miss the Santa days, but dang, it was a LOT of work to make it all happen. Right?

  3. I had to google spatchcocked turkey too! Never heard the term before!

    Christmas was low-key for us this year. Love the photos. Mel!