Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Happy Holidailies 2020!

We woke up to frost this morning!!  It was quite chilly standing outside with Veronica waiting for the bus.  Lucky Valerie got to sleep in.  It was decided that the high schools (and only the high schools) are going back to a hybrid schedule of alternating online and in person days.  Val will go Monday, Wednesday, Friday this week.  Next week Tuesday and Thursday.  Then MWF again...  and this repeats until MARCH (???) from what we were told.  So Veronica (middle school) will go every day and Valerie (high school) will go every other day. Talk about a mixed up schedule!  I'm already confused enough. 

Thanksgiving was normal for us even under these circumstances and rather quiet.  I cooked way too much food for just four people, but it saved me from having to cook for several days afterwards!  We had a turkey, ham, all the sides, and a couple of pies.  I had NO HELP from anyone which kinda sucked.  Valerie and Veronica spent the entire dinner picking on each other, which is funny sometimes but sometimes I've had enough of the bickering.  I did a little bit of online shopping and we finished hooking up the lights on the house.  We didn't do much of anything else. 

Sunday I had to make the obligatory turkey and sausage gumbo!   I cheated big time and made the roux in the microwave.  I will have to plan a blog post about that because it was SO easy and came out perfect. 

Happy December 1st and that means it's time once again for Holidailies 2020!  This is my 11th year participating.  (I think.)   Welcome back old friends... and welcome to anybody new.  You're not behind.... just jump right in!  


  1. Good to see you again. I will look forward to that recipe.

  2. Roux in the microwave? What magic is this? ;)

  3. I, too, am intrigued by the microwave roux!

  4. Remind me to come to your house next year for Thanksgiving!! All the food looks yummy!! You'll have to share how you make your gumbo. Always have been interested in trying to make it ourselves. What a crazy schedule with kids and in/out of classrooms. Hard to keep track of it I would imagine!! Will enjoy reading your Holidailies :)


  5. Your food looks delicious!
    We ate for days afterward too.
    Take care and stay cozy.