Monday, December 21, 2020

How Sweet is Sixteen

Sixteen years have gone by in a blink!  It seems like we just brought our little baby girl Valerie home from the hospital.  We were such clueless new parents.  I had never fed, bathed, or changed a baby in my life!  We figured it all out in time.  My Mom and dad came over Christmas Eve and spent the night.  It snowed on Christmas Day.  The last time it had snowed before that was in 1989.  Sweet memories of our first days as a family of three.  

She grew up terribly fast.... 

Now she's sixteen!!!  

And SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!  

This has been a hard secret to keep.  It's been sitting at the dealership since November 13.  Early this morning, Clint and I picked it up and parked it in the driveway.  I carefully wrapped four boxes of clues. 

1.  The empty window decal backing from Val's high school band (She was saving the sticker for when she got her own car.  So I put the sticker on this morning and gave her the blank backing.)

2.  Her fav Little Trees air freshener 

3.  A personalized keychain

4.  The keys 

It was a bit anti-climatic as when she got to the key fob she was speechless and all she did was point at me in disbelief!  I think she was shell shocked and she didn't know what to do or say.  Now to teach her how to drive and get comfortable enough so she can get a license hopefully by this summer!  

Happy 16th birthday my dear ValGal.  Love you!  


  1. She grew up to be such an amazing and beautiful young lady!!

    Happy Birthday to Val!

  2. Good looking car!! I didn't realize she didn't have her license yet! I thought she had it? (or maybe it was her driver's permit?)

    Happy birthday to Valerie!! She's my twin you know :) Though I'm not 16 LOL; add 47 to that and we are good to go :)

    The years go by so incredibly fast. I always tell new moms don't rush anything. Don't wish for them to walk or talk or be potty trained. Just enjoy every day. If I could, I would go back to the beginning of it all with raising children and go through it all again, the good, the bad, the ugly. But then grand kids are fun :) (in your due time LOL, like 15 years from now :)

    Glad she had a nice day!


    1. Oh!! Happy Birthday, Betty! I remember you mentioning that you were Val's' birthday twin. Hope you had a nice day! Val got her permit during the summer but she has not practiced much at all. My Honda Pilot is too big she said... so now she has a small car and I hope she has her license by the summer.

  3. Happy 16th Valerie!

  4. Everyday is miracle.
    I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.