Saturday, December 05, 2020

Just vanished

 Yesterday was not a good day and I was not in the mood to post so I didn't.  Every year the high school band sells raffle tickets and it's their biggest fundraiser.  Tickets are $10 but $5 of that goes to the student to help cover our out of pocket cost for being in band. Valerie has four books of tickets signed out under her account worth $400.  Clint had sold quite a few of those.  He's carried them in an envelope to and from work every day inside his computer bag/backpack.  The sold ticket stubs, the cash, and the unsold tickets were all in the envelope.  Long story short, it's time to turn it all in to school and it's no where to be found.  Gone.  Vanished.  Clint's searched his bags, his truck, his office at work and at home.  We've looked everywhere and no envelope. We can only assume that someone stole it from Clint's bag.  The only place he goes with it is to work and home, so it had to have happened at work.  It's highly unlikely Clint left the tickets somewhere because he didn't bring them anywhere else besides the office and had no reason to take them out of his bag.  It had to have been someone who saw the envelope of money and knew where it was.  Whether it was a co-worker or a passerby, we'll never know and we have no proof.  So, unless they miraculously reappear.....  We're responsible for ALL the tickets and will have to dish out $400 to cover them. 


So as not to be all doom and gloom, here is a picture of Deme making a big mess.  I heard some noise last night and came into the living room to find she had helped herself to the basket of kitty toys!  


  1. Aw man, I'm so sorry to hear that :(

  2. Ouch. So sorry to hear about the tickets. It's bad enough losing $400, but to think it might have been taken by a co-worker has to make it even worse.

  3. Deme looks so cute, almost innocent looking even though she made a bit of a mess :)

    So sorry about the raffle tickets. Not in the glove compartment of the truck? I'm sure Clint searched high and low every place. Son lost his wallet one time and we found it in the dirty clothes. Just trying to think of odd places where it might have been. What a terrible thing to happen and so close to the holidays! But its so fitting for 2020, isn't it??

    Again, so sorry!!!

  4. So sorry to hear about the tickets. Mel. I hope the person who took the tickets has a change of heart and returns them.

    Deme is adorable!

  5. That really stinks about the money/tickets! SO sorry. Hopefully a miracle will happen and they'll show up.
    That baby is happy with her basket of toys!