Thursday, December 17, 2020

My favorite things - THE cookies

I can't remember a Christmas we didn't have a container of fruitcake cookies.  I didn't eat them for years.  To quote Junie B. Jones - yucky blucky fruitcake!  I'm not exactly sure when I started to like them - around age 12 or 13?  And I couldn't believe I had missed out all those years.  Now I make them every year and it's not officially Christmas season until I do.  

And here is the recipe as emailed to me by my Mom in 2005! 

This year there there was a problem.  I could NOT find candied fruit anywhere.  Sold out.  Out of stock.  I checked all over town and nobody had any.  Online prices were double or triple or more for a small container.  I thought Christmas was doomed!  

Until yesterday....  on a whim I checked grocery pickup and it showed it was available.  So I clicked around some more and found my store had six containers of candied fruit on aisle A17.  So off to the store I went and to my surprise there right where they were supposed to be was the elusive fruitcake mix!  

Christmas is saved!  


  1. So glad you found them!
    They look both festive and delicious.
    Have a cozy evening. And a cookie or too!

  2. Wow, I never heard of fruitcake cookies; fruitcake yes, but not the cookies. They sound delicious! Glad you found what you needed to make them! Enjoy!


  3. So glad you found what you needed!

  4. Fruitcake cookies!??!! Never heard of them but I bet they taste amazing!