Monday, December 07, 2020

My favorite things - Mom's Ornaments

My Mom was a crafter.  She could sew almost anything and loved to crochet.  I have quite a few ornaments on my tree that were made by her.  She did the local craft show circuit for years and years.

These Santa faces and stockings were originally made to wear as a pin on your shirt.  Each one has a tiny gold safety pin on the back to pin it on.  When I was in 5th or 6th grade (1982-83), she made a bunch of them for my class as Christmas presents.  She was a room mother who would help plan the parties, and she gave these out as gifts.  She also made a bunch and sold them at several Christmas craft shows for about $.50 each.  After my Mom died in 2008, I discovered a whole bag of them in her sewing supplies.  I slid a hook through the crochet stitch and viola!  Ornaments.  

I also have these starched crocheted angels.  These were another craft show item, but she made a bunch for herself as well.  I can remember her stretching them out into their shape with straight pins on a piece of styrofoam, then putting a mixture of white school glue to stiffen them.  

Finally there are the bells.  My Mom and I saw these 3-D plastic canvas bells at a craft show and she wanted to buy one in the worst way to break it down for a pattern.  I don't remember the price per bell but it was more than she was willing to pay!  She did not buy one.  Instead, she asked in a crafting Yahoo group I had introduced her to. The Internet was still fairly new at the time.  It took a while, but eventually someone either had or found the pattern for her!!  She made dozens of these bells in all sorts of colors.  


  1. So cute all of them!! I have some of those starched angel ornaments but bought them at a bazaar. Your mom was very talented and creative!! My mom made a lot of ornaments too. She liked the beaded ones or the felt ones that were in craft kits.


  2. Your Mom was so talented. I love the little crocheted stocking and Santa. The Santa looks like something Jess made when she was little. Homemade ornaments are the best. Isn't that something that you found a whole bag of them in her sewing supplies? My mom was a good seamstress too and sewed many of my clothes growing up. Enjoy the Christmas season, Mellie.


  3. Oh how beautiful!
    The items themselves, of course.
    But also the sentiment that goes along with them.
    Enjoy them on your beautiful tree!

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  5. What wonderful things to have!

    (doing Holidailies at )

  6. Those ornaments are adorable! I especially like the Santa.

  7. Such wonderful memories and mementoes!

  8. These are so sweet and lovely. I LOVE that you have these special pieces and memories of your mom; I know she's looking down and loving that you are sharing her talents.