Sunday, December 13, 2020

Party time!

 Last night we attended our first Keller Williams Christmas party!  Yes, a party in 'these times.'  It's funny because in all the years Clint worked at Halliburton, there were only a few parties.  At one time there were grand events such as renting out the entire zoo for family fun day.  They nixed all of them ages ago to cut back on expenses.  It's only been a few months at KW and they've already had several events for the employees.  

But first.... we must take a selfie... or two... or several!  

Then I had Val snap a few pics.  

(Yes that is a CAT Christmas jacket!!  I found the coat with a matching tie at Walmart last year for $25.)

The party was held at another agent's home.  It was inside/outside - your choice.  Wear a mask or don't - your choice!  There was plenty of food -- so much food!  I didn't even get to try everything.  No alcohol for me because of some medication I'm on, but Clint finished off a bottle of wine.  It was a perfect night to sit outside - 60s and clear skies.  It was so nice to get out and do something normal.  Being the old fogies we are, we were home by 9:00!   


  1. You guys take great selfies! Love the jacket and your dress! Sounds like a fun party and it is nice to hear of companies doing them. Hubby and me were just talking about company parties and wondering how many businesses would be having them this year.


  2. Loved your selfies.

  3. That is a great jacket, and I love your top too.

  4. Up here in Cleveland, we had the absolute best real estate agent when we bought our house, and she was with Keller Williams. Then I heard an interview with... I can't remember, either Keller or Williams, and he seemed like a really great person.

  5. You two look great; I love your festive outfits!! Meow.
    How nice to enjoy a party. Cheers!