Thursday, December 03, 2020

She's a S T A R!

Quite some time ago, Veronica became obsessed with musical theater.  During the lockdown, we watched "The Shows Must Go On", which was an official Broadway recording aired once a week on YouTube.  One of those was CATS.  Suddenly that became her life.  CATS!!  Of all the fabulous musicals out there, she zoned in on CATS!!  During the summer, we got wind of a week long small children's theater camp that was taking place in the next town over.  She's so shy and has so much anxiety, so we thought this would be good for her.  We signed her up.  The director decided to continue classes in the fall and of course, Veronica was all over that.  So, since August she has been taking this theater class and all of their hard work came together last night for their first performance!!!  

She had several small roles in the show, some speaking, some singing.  She was Ms. Hannigan in Annie.  Lafayette in Hamilton.  Veronica, with her CATS mania, somehow asked the director if she could sing a CATS song and the director put it in the show.  Talk about a dream come true for my theater buff.  (Just her making the request was huge because this is a kid who just doesn't talk to many people.)

So here is Veronica's debut performance singing "Macavity" from CATS the musical!!   (She's only 13 so keep that in mind!)

She talks about moving to New York and being on Broadway someday.....   just remember you saw her here first!!!  


  1. She did a great job!! So glad she decided to get involved in the theater! I hope she goes far and makes it to Broadway! What was really nice to see was a performance like this with people actually watching it in person!!


  2. Well, she doesn't appear to be shy to me! She did amazing. What an accomplishment; I can't even imagine getting up on stage like that. Bravo!!!

  3. She rocked! We have a star in the making!

    Watch out, Broadway! Here she comes!

  4. Oh, so much fun for her. Way to go Veronica!