Thursday, December 31, 2020

Time to turn the page

Here's the moment we've all been waiting for -- the end of 2020!!  This certainly has been a crazy year for everyone.  Hurricanes... COVID... closures and cancellations galore.  Obviously the effects of the pandemic is unlike anything any of us have ever experienced.  I never would have imagined that school would have closed and all activities cancelled.  Or that the norm would be to go out with your face covered.  

The biggest blow for us was Clint losing his job of 27 years over this mess.  We're fine, but we haven't seen a paycheck since May.  Again, we are truly fine, but we were spoiled for those big oilfield paychecks rolling in every month. Being laid off in some ways was a blessing because they had backed Clint into a corner and the only way out was to leave.  It also forced him to go on the new adventure of becoming a Realtor.  He's working hard to make it work but it's been lots of dead ends.  (Shameless plug: If you need a realtor anywhere in the USA let us know!!  Clint can refer you to someone in your area!!)  Hoping for some serious clients and to close some deals in 2021!! At least Clint is much happier and less stressed.  No more traveling or being gone for weeks at a time or spending 4 hours driving to/from the office.  

Other good things:  We got to go to Disney World and see Valerie march with the high school band.  Everything shut down two weeks after we returned.  We went to the beach in Gulf Shores, AL.  Valerie got chosen for talented and gifted and aced her audition.  Veronica pursued her theater dream.  We got adopted by a stray mamma cat.   

I'll be ringing in the New Year with my little family of four.  It's been ages since we have gone out for New Year's Eve and I like spending it at home with the kids.  Before too long they will be off doing their own thing.  We're supposed to get some severe weather tonight - what else can be expected from 2020!  It should move out by 11pm.  We picked up a bit of fireworks and hope to set them off when there's breaks in the weather.  

Y'all be sure to eat your black eyed peas and cabbage tomorrow!!!   My hope for 2021 is that all of this settles down and we can get back to living again. 


  1. As you know, I'm doing a temporary job (8 months and counting and no end in sight) at the unemployment office processing mail. Was reading on someone's claim today that they had worked over 35 years for this particular company and now was discharged. Imagine that! I can't but I'm sure you and Clint can with his 27 years in his field. He probably thought he would retire from it. Good that you are doing good and hopefully the real estate market will pick up once this is over and he'll be selling houses left and right. If we do decide to relocate from here (talk about it) I will keep Clint's name in mind to help us locate a realtor where we might need one :)

    You have each other, Clint and you, and you have your 2 wonderful daughters. That truly is a blessing, despite it all.

    May 2021 be a kinder year for us all!


  2. It hasn't been a good year for me at all.

    The only positive thing that happened for me this year was a little money I received from my late uncle's estate and I got to buy me a little something I have wanted for a long time.

  3. I hope this is a good year for you, Mellie. I hope it brings much goodness to you and your family.