Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Happy Mardi Gras!!

While it's just Tuesday in most places, today is Fat Tuesday here!!  It's a COLD one, so I guess this was a good year to cancel all the parades.  We surely would not be outside: 

I'm definitely missing our usual Mickey Mardi Gras trip, but we would have not gone this year since it is also President's Week.  President's week and Mardi Gras break makes for a VERY crowded Disney World.  We've had a few King Cakes over the past few weeks, but other than that all Mardi Gras activities were cancelled.  Our area is hoping to reschedule the parades for the spring, but having Mardi Gras parades long after Mardi Gras just doesn't make sense.  Even New Orleans shut down the entire French Quarter.  All restaurants and bars, even Bourbon St. is completely closed from Friday - Wednesday.  Crazy stuff because those are prime money making times.  Latoya the Destroya (the NOLA mayor) even invited tourists to still come for Mardi Gras but then shut down everything.  Strange times indeed!  

Clint had his first closing!!  Then a second closing!!!  A third is scheduled to happen.  He's also now  managing a rental.  He's working with several other clients so things are looking up.  After months of nothing happening, he's finally making some progress on this new journey as a realtor.  

Valerie and Veronica are doing fine.  School is the same as always.  Valerie is about to start having band practice after school (we hope.)  I hope so too because she has become very lazy with nothing to motivate her.  She's still on the hybrid schedule of alternating home/in school days and staying home so much has really made her want to do even less.  Veronica's dance recital that was supposed to be in June was cancelled.  We saw that coming.  Valerie has been practicing driving her car and she's doing quite well.  We have just been taking her on back roads and less travelled highways so far.  She still has a long ways to go before she's license ready.  Veronica's 14th birthday is coming up.  How crazy is it that my 'baby' is going to be 14 already.  She has become such a loner that I don't think she'll have a party this year and with so much still closed, I have no idea what to do to celebrate.  

Unfortunately my foot has been hurting again.  The ball of my foot hurts and now the heel on the same foot.  It's the weirdest thing - when I bend down or reach to pick up something off the floor, I feel a stabbing shooting pan through the side of my left heel.  Stopped me in my tracks a few times it was so bad.  So odd!  Dr. Google says it's either plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis.  No, I haven't been to the doc yet because the last thing I want is another steroid shot in the foot.  I bought several more pairs of shoes to try and have been resting and doing physical therapy at home.  I haven't been to the gym but 2-3 times in almost four weeks!!  It's much better than it was, so hopefully that trend will continue.  

Other than that, it's pretty much the same old same old around here.

Now I need to catch up with you all because I'm way behind! 

PS:  Gizmo and Deme have become BFFs.  Bella still ain't having none of that and wants nothing to do with mamma cat. 


  1. Your King Cakes sound delicious. Nel tries to make one every year. Mardi Gras is such a fun celebration - the colorful beads, the masks, the food, and the parades. So sorry your foot is hurting again. I hope it starts to feel better soon. Cute pictures of the cats, and it's so good they are getting along.

    I hope you are having good February days, Mellie.


  2. So cute with the cats! Congrats to Clint for the closings! I'm sure he'll continue to do well! Sounds like your girls are doing as well as they can considering the crazy times we continue to live in. I made a bet with my hubby wondering if the public pools will open this year (they didn't last year). They typically open Memorial Day weekend as school gets out right before then. I don't see the kids going back to school in person learning this year either. So much has been cancelled hasn't it since last March? You wonder how businesses will keep on going especially if they were used to getting some money around holiday events now not happening.

    And brrr with those temperatures!! Let's hope it warms up soon!


  3. Congrats to Clint! Looks like The Year of The OX is already favouring him!

    Love your kitties!

  4. Congrats to Clint. I'm sure it takes time to get things rolling....but it sounds like he's making it happen.
    So glad the girls are well. Getting back into their activities will be a nice change for all of you I'm sure.
    Your poor foot. My husband has been dealing with plantar fasciitis too (if that's what you have) He has this massager that he uses at night to 'work it out' and I got him some insoles from Vionic that he puts in all his shoes and he's feeling improvement. Yours sounds really bad though. Sorry about that.
    Thanks for visiting me and reading ALL my past posts. YOU are a doll!!

  5. The king cake looks good! I've never had one, but I've found a recipe I want to try. I think they're so pretty with the colored sugar.
    Your cats are so cute! Your tortie looks a little bit like our Tara.
    Sorry about your foot! I have plantar fasciitis, and it's rough. The steroid shot in the foot is brutal! It didn't seem to help either. I've had the best luck with icing, rolling, using supportive inserts in my shoes, and taping. I hope yours gets better soon.