Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Blue skies and Wednesday blues

It's a beautiful spring day here but my mood is quite gloomy.  Parenting teenage girls is hard y'all.  Ugh.  Teen angst is in full force.  We are horrible.  Everything we do is wrong.  Life is horrible.  Everything has been and is horrible!  At least according to the teens.  I actually had to get in my car and drive away the other day to escape the drama. Sigh. This too shall pass.  I know.  Still this mamma's heart is sad!!  


Onto good news.  My calendar is once again full!  For the first time in over a year, we are booked solid the rest of April and all through May.  Band and choir rehearsals and concerts are back!  We got next year's marching band calendar and July - November is non-stop.  Marching band is happening and for that, Valerie is so happy. 

Veronica was once again nominated for Talented and Gifted (TAG) for choir.  She was recommended a few years ago when she first made All-State Honor Choir, but the froze at the audition.  She was better prepared this time and passed the first round audition with no problem.  I'm waiting to find out when the second round is, and hopefully she does well.  If so both girls will be in TAG music next year - Valerie for clarinet and Veronica for choir.  

Oh and Veronica is also auditioning Friday for a part in a summer community theater production of "The Little Mermaid.".  I think she's going to try out for for Ursula.  

We've had several days of flooding rain back to back, so today's nice weather is a welcome break. I'm happy to say that after all the ice we had this past winter, all of my yard is coming back.  

I'm way too excited but in the weeds behind our shed, I found a wild blackberry bush!!!!   It was full of white blooms and now it's starting to get some berries.  I used to go blackberry picking in the woods with my Dad and would cry to go home when I got stickers in my fingers.  It sure would be nice to get a cup or two of blackberries out of it.  At least enough to make some blackberry dumplings would do....  


  1. Oh yummy with the blackberries! I remember seeing them on the side of the road and stopping to get some. Yay that marching band is back!! It warms my heart to hear that life is getting back to normal and the kids are able to participate in activities they enjoy. Hope Veronica gets the part she wants for the summer theater.

    Keeping busy I'm sure will help with the teen angst. Imagine how these kids feel with all that has been imposed upon them for the past year with the lockdown, etc. I would be in angst and I'm not a teen :) Pat yourself on the back; you are doing a great job parenting them. The teen years are hard and frustrating but eventually everyone grows out of it and they become human again and appreciative of you! So just hang in there.


  2. Congratulations and good luck to your daughters! I remember well the teenage days of my daughter! There were so many times she made me feel sad for one thing or another I though it would never end! Now she's a mom herself and we are close as a mother and daughter can be! Don't worry, this too shall pass! Beautiful flowers in your yard!

  3. Love the pretty flowers in your yard.

    Congrats to your daughters, Mel!

  4. Yay for blackberries and beautiful blooms.

    Listen sister, I understand. My two girls gave me a run for my money for a few years there and I recall getting in my car and leaving a few times. I hope that makes you feel better.
    The girls and I talk/laugh about it now; so yes, this too shall pass. One time they asked me where I went and I said: Homegoods. That was my therapy!

    I'm glad things are looking more normal for you guys though; your girls are super talented!

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  6. Sorry you're having a difficult time with those teenagers. Yes, it can be really hard at times parenting, but hang in there, it will get better. And no matter how old they are, 4 or 40, there will always be something you don't agree on. I can't believe my Nel will be 40 in a couple months.