Monday, April 26, 2021

Monday, Monday....

 Our  weekend was pretty quiet.  

On Saturday afternoon, Valerie and I went to the mall.  (Funny how she forgets that she hates me when she wants me to take her shopping!!)  

Sadly, our mall is dying.  Back in the 80s and 90s, it was the place to be.  I have such great memories of walking around the crowded mall.  It was always busy, especially on weekends.  You'd see everybody you knew in the mall.  Friday night was mall night for the teens, and there were groups of friends walking the mall until closing at 9pm.  Eventually it got so bad a curfew was enacted and no teens were allowed unaccompanied after 6pm.  It had a 4 screen movie theater and a few decent restaurants.  The anchor stores were surrounded by all the popular mall shops.  Now, it's so dead.  It gets a little busy around Christmas, but nothing like it was in it's heyday.  The entire Sears wing is almost empty.  The theater closed about 15 years ago after The Palace 10 opened a few blocks away. (oddly, now The Palace is struggling to stay open.)  All the restaurants either moved elsewhere or shut down completely, so there's not many food choices. Every now and then a new store will pop up, but it never lasts.  I've heard the rent is outrageous so nobody can sustain a mall space very long.  Just in the past few months, H&M, American Eagle, and F.Y.E. closed.  Aside from JC Penney, Dillard's, and Shoe Dept., we have almost no reason to set foot in the mall these days.  Unless something comes along to breathe new life into it, I suppose it will shut down completely eventually.  It would make a good Amazon distribution center -- just sayin'! 

This was the only "busy" section 


  1. Oh my gosh, this could have been the Metro Center Mall here in Phoenix close to where I live. Built in 1973 it was the largest mall at the time here. It had an ice skating rink and the usual anchor stores and tons of specialty shops. By 2016 when we moved down here it was dying and had been for awhile. Finally completely closed June 2020. All the windows are boarded up, I think to keep the homeless from breaking them to gain access. There is talk about redeveloping the area but not sure what is going to be put there. It too would be a great Amazon distribution center but we already have several of those here in the area.

    It is sad to see stores close. Of course the pandemic didn't help retail shopping here and people got used to buying things online. In fact before I start reading blogs I ordered a pair of sneakers from Amazon. Amazon just makes it so easy to buy things :)

    Valerie doesn't hate you, you know that :) At least she wanted to go shopping with you. I remember son walking three feet behind me or three feet ahead of me in some of his teenage years. Heaven forbid he would actually be seen next to his mom :)


  2. It really is sad. I remember as a kid going to the mall with my Mom; it was such a lively place. Then I took my girls to our local mall for years; now, it's becoming a ghost town as well.
    Blame it on the internet and covid; not too many people out there to keep the businesses going.

  3. Pre-covid-19, I used to hang out at my favourite malls on weekends. I haven't gone to one for a long time since lockdown.

  4. I haven't been to the mall in a long time. JC Penny was one of my favorites to shop at. The mall in my old town had a food court and it was always busy, but since I haven't been through there in so long, not sure how crowded it is now. That's too bad that your mall doesn't really suit you any more. Maybe you can find a new happening place to shop and eat out. : )