Thursday, April 29, 2021

Yay, BAND!

 Last night Valerie had her first band concert in over a year.  It was held at the stadium instead of in the auditorium, but we'll take it.  It's been a whole year of nothing for the band kids, so they were so excited to finally do something.  In other good news, marching band practice is starting next week.  It'll be interesting to see how it goes because two grades have no marching experience.  This year's freshmen and the incoming freshmen all have to learn how to march.  Everybody is also required to attend "rookie camp" to start building up their endurance for what's to come.  

Wind Ensemble group

Senior High Honor Band Award

Val and the 2 BFF's (the friends we went to TN with)

Excuse the messy hair - it's hot and humid!

I decided to dress for the occasion.  Veronica was going through a dress phase and I bought this on Amazon for her a few years ago.  She never wore it and now it's too small.  I decided I would start wearing it to the band and choir performances.  

In other news, it's nice to have things getting back to normal!  Fingers crossed it stays that way.  I hope schools ditch the masks by next school year.  


  1. That is a very cute and appropriate dress! Lucky you guys that the mask mandate has been lifted! I hope that happens here soon but I doubt it will be this summer!

  2. Love that dress!! You look great in it!

    So glad marching band is back!! Wish they would ditch the masks though! Those poor kids! Let them be kids!

    Should be interesting with everyone attending rookie camp, but I can see that some kids might have gotten "soft" without marching for an entire year and need that endurance again!

    Yay the mask mandate got lifted but really again a shame its still at the schools. Our governor lifted ours back at the end of March except he made it that businesses could still require the use. He lifted it for the schools too except that individual schools/districts could still require them. I guess a lot of angry parents stormed a school board meeting demanding they remove the mask mandate for their kids in that district.

    We actually went out to a restaurant the other morning and some servers weren't wearing masks. It was so refreshing and surprising!

    Life hopefully one day will become more sane!


    1. No masks at a restaurant?! That makes me so happy to hear! I haven’t gone anywhere yet to see who’s still doing it, None of the spectators had on masks at the band concert which it was so nice to see faces. We only have 3 weeks of school left, so I’m hoping it is over when they go back in August. And I hope they do not make them wear a mask for the band camps. It’s outside, running laps around the track and doing boot camp type exercises in 90-100 degrees.

  3. Love your dress and you look terrific in it, Mel!

    I am a scaredy cat - even if the mask mandate is lifted, I would continue to wear one in public places!

  4. Rookie camp is going to be hard! But how exciting for them to be getting back out there.
    I love the dress and you look like you could be a classmate!
    Our county has lifted the mask mandate for businesses; so now it's up to individual companies. I believe the kids are still wearing them in school though.

  5. Valerie is awesome!
    Love your dress, and you look so pretty!

  6. So exciting to hear of events being held instead of canceled - especially for the kids!
    What a perfect dress!

  7. I bet Valerie was happy to be able to play band again. Such a talent those high school kids have. That is the cutest dress, and perfect for the band performances. Nel finds the cutest clothes for her and Mia on Amazon. A lot of other stuff too. You have such a sweet smile, Mellie.

    Happy month of May.