Thursday, May 20, 2021

Awards Day!

The high school did a virtual awards ceremony, so we were not able to attend.  I did watch it live on Facebook though!  Valerie got a Top Scholar Award for being on the honor roll all year.  Actually, everyone got a Top Scholar Award.  Yep - whether you made As or Bs - everyone got the SAME award.  Strange times indeed.

State testing or LEAP (Louisiana Educational Assessment Program) scores are rolling in also...   For the second time, Valerie scored a perfect 850 in English!  She'll get an award from the parish sometime in the future.  

Veronica's school did in person awards, but instead of the whole school at once, it was done separately by grades.  But for some reason, they gave out the class favorites awards during school hours and not at the awards ceremony.  Every year the 8th grade class votes for their "most likely to" picks....

Ironically enough, guess who else got the same when she was an 8th grader?  (and guess who was mad that little sister copied her once again? haha.)

Val in 2019

Veronica racked up with Principal's List All Year, Top Scholar, and Student of the Year Nominee.  And when I say Principal's List All Year...   she made one B on a grammar test the 3rd 9 weeks.  The rest...  and I mean EVERY test, every homework grade, everything..... 

 I don't know how she does it.  She rarely asks for help, and the few times she has it's more about the why than the how.  Veronica also tested out of Algebra I for next year in 9th grade and will skip to 10th grade Honors Geometry.  She amazes me.  

Tonight is Veronica's final middle school choir concert!  I will try not to cry.  I'm certain she's getting the 8th grade choir award tonight also.  

Two more days of school!  


  1. Congrats to Valerie and Veronica for their achievements! Wow with Veronica's grades! Amazing!!

    It has been a strange school year so it doesn't surprise me that everyone with A's and B's got the Top Scholar Award. At least they were in person learning for some (can't remember if it was for most of the year) and we can only hope next year will be so totally different and more like the "good old days" when parents could attend award presentations and the like.

    Hopefully you got to see Veronica getting the 87th grade choir award tonight! Bet the concert was a good one!

    They make the kids go to school next Monday? Of course here the kids get out next Tuesday.


  2. Congrats to both the girls!

  3. Weird how all the a's and b's got top scholar. Hmmmmm....
    Your girls are SO freaking bright. From someone who struggled all through school I'm amazed at those that learning comes easy. Congrats to both of them; you should be proud.

  4. That takes so much time and dedication to get good grades like that. So happy for Veronica that she got these awards. All her efforts paid off, and it shows in her sweet joyous smile.


  5. Congrats to both the ladies.