Sunday, May 09, 2021

Happy Mother's Day to all

Happy Mother's Day dear blogging friends!!  Hope you all were able to enjoy spending time with your families. It's been a quiet day here.  We went out for a late lunch and that's about it.  

 And of course, I'm remembering my Mom today also.  How fast these 13 years without her have flown by.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures!


  1. Your mom was a "looker!" I liked all the pictures; my favorite of your mom's was the one that she is wearing the hat! Great pictures of you and your girls too!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

    Honestly, I think its different with Mother's Day once your mom has passed (mine in 2006). Its not the same, even if you have kids. Know what I mean? I would love one more day with her, but of course that is impossible :(

    Hope you enjoyed your lunch out and I hope your kids appreciate what a wonderful mom you are (they won't until years later :)


  2. Happy Mother's Day!
    Your mom is so pretty! Beautiful photos!

  3. Your mom was beautiful! I see where you get your looks from.

    Happy Mother's Day, Mel!

  4. I love all the pics of you and your Mom and you and your girls now. You know she would be so proud of the Mom you are to them. And YOU have not aged in 13 years! What's your secret?

  5. Beautiful photos of you, your girls and your mom. Thank you for sharing. It is always so nice to get to know our blogger friends better. Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Such great pictures. I see the strong family resemblance that you share with your mom. I always enjoy looking back at old photos. The bathing suit photo is so fun.

  7. Nice photographs. Thank you for sharing. You look like your mom. I'm sure she was a special lady.

  8. Sweet pictures of you and your daughters, Mellie. And these are treasured photos of your dear Mom. Love the one with her in the hat. She was lovely, and I see the resemblance between you both. I hope you had a nice and special Mother's Day. I think my girls still have their cabbage patch dolls. ; )