Sunday, May 16, 2021


It's been a busy week!! 

Veronica was recommended a few weeks back for Talented and Gifted (TAG) Choir. ( Valerie is also in TAG for clarinet and has been attending a special class once a week.)

Veronica was picked to try out for TAG in sixth grade, but the audition wasn't what she expected so she didn't get in. This year Veronica's choir teacher asked her if she wanted to try again. Shew knew how it was going to go and she was better prepared.  I know she was nervous but she made it through the first round audition at the school level just fine.  The second round was this past Tuesday, and is the one that actually counts because it's in front of the TAG coordinators and a music professor from the local university.  Of course my shy girl was quite nervous to sing all alone in front of people.  She chose a crazy hard song from Les Misérables - "On My Own" and a choir song called "Follow the Drinking Gourd."  She was in the audition room for a good 40 minutes!  When she came out, Roni said she thought it went okay.  The judges told her she seemed very interesting.  They tested her and played short melodies on the piano and had her sing them back, and told her she had a good ear.  

Then we had to wait a couple hours for the results...  

And of course, she got in!!  Veronica will be in Talented and Gifted Choir next year in high school! Valerie will continue with TAG band.  The cool thing is TAG choir and TAG band actually do performances together, so I will get to see both of my girls do their thing on stage.  (Well, I'm hoping anyway because the restrictions are easing up so next school year should be more normal.) 

(Can y'all please tell my girl how beautiful she is?  I mean, I know she's beautiful to me...  but she's always saying how ugly she is.  She's only 14 and I think she's going to be a knockout.)

Anyway, the countdown to summer is ON!  There's just SIX days of school left.  This week is another busy week of band practices, awards ceremonies, TAG meetings, choir concert....  


  1. She is beautiful and WTG for her getting in TAG choir!! I commend her for her performance! I didn't know either one of those songs so I looked them up on YouTube. That On My Own seemed like it would be hard to sing (except if you have talent which obviously Veronica does :)

    Wow, you'll have both girls in high school next year! What a different summer this will be compared to last year's summer. At least activities are coming back for the girls to participate in and hopefully parents will be allowed in to watch the performances. (Honestly, we've been going to church maskless since October and more and more people are coming back to church and we even are taking a Bible study course at church where we sit at tables of 8 people (horrors) and everyone has been healthy, so let's hope the schools get back to a semblance of pre Covid stuff in the new school year).

    I think all teens (I know I did) struggle with their looks, their identity, whether they are popular, liked, etc. Veronica is very beautiful and as she matures, I bet she'll start seeing that too. And we all know (except teen girls lol) that true beauty lies within and I'm thinking she is as beautiful inside as well as outside (after all she has you as her mother :)


  2. Congrats! She is just beautiful and I am so proud of her. How wonderful that the two TAG groups perform together. I guys will have a great summer.

  3. Congratulations to you talented and very beautiful daughters!

  4. She is lovely; such long and healthy hair, lovely brows (that's a thing!), sweet specs and a precious smile! 14 is hard. I still remember it myself.

    Congrats to both of your girls-they are SO talented!!

  5. Congratulations!
    She is a very pretty girl and talented!

  6. All audience is waiting for her wonderful performance and heartwarming smile.

  7. I agree with the rest - she certainly is very beautiful and talented.