Thursday, July 29, 2021

The elusive uniforms

Yep, school starts here in South Louisiana on August 5th!  When I was a kid, it was closer to the end of August.  My birthday is August 30, and we usually started the week of my birthday.  I always felt rushed to invite school friends to come to my party.  Slowly over the years summer  has gotten shorter and the start date has moved up.  


Several years after I graduated, the public school system implemented school uniforms.  Gone were the days of wearing jeans and t-shirts to school.  It was supposed to help the kids focus on learning instead of their wardrobe.  I see their point, but it also didn't work.  It seems now they are so focused on what color socks the kids have on, if their shirt is tucked in, and the right color hoodie is worn.  Wear the wrong socks and you get an office referral.  I'm serious.  Friday is spirit shirt day, but only a certain kind of shirt.  They can't even wear school event related shirts like honor band or honor choir.  It makes no sense.  They're representing the school aren't they? and earned that shirt by being an awesome student?  My marching band kid won state grand champions (huge deal) and cannot wear the t-shirt or hoodie to school.  Ever.  

Since Veronica is moving up to high school, her school uniform colors have changed.  She needs hunter green shirts.  (Or white, but nobody wants to wear white and I don't want to deal with washing white shirts either.)  I wanted to find some to try on because she's picky about how they feel and fit.  I can't say I blame her because who wants to be uncomfortable every day?  Guess what there is a supply issue of....   uniforms.  Academy Sports & Outdoors was the place to get them for ages, but this year they are online only.  



Target only has little kid sizes.  JC Penney doesn't carry green shirts in store.  Walmart only had boys shirts, which didn't fit or feel right.  Old Navy is online only. We went to the local uniform shop: 

Plus they are $20.00 per shirt!  Yikes. 

I gave up.  I ended up just ordering from JCP online and here's hoping that they fit and come in on time.  

 But seriously, how are we supposed to buy uniforms when practically no one locally is selling them? 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

So long summer....

 As predicted in May, summer has flown by!  School starts August 5, so summer isn't officially over but as of yesterday for us it basically is because the days of sleeping in are done. 

Marching band has begun for Valerie.  Since she's a licensed driver now, she's driving herself to and from band practice.  It's still strange saying that she's driving herself around and I will always worry I guess.  I will miss hearing the girly chit-chat driving Val and her friends to/from practice.  It's up early from now until school starts she has band from 8am to 5pm.  And (fingers crossed) marching band is non-stop until November.  Last year was a total bust, so we are hoping for a spectacular marching season to make up for it.    

Veronica's summer theater class has begun also.  She was cast as King Triton and Ursula's Mother in "The Little Mermaid."  Funny story - she originally auditioned for Ursula.  She was cast as King Triton because someone strong was needed for that role.  Ursula's Mother was completely made up and written in just for Veronica.  They want her to sing 'Poor Unfortunate Souls' in the worst way, so they created the mother character and wrote in a flashback scene just for her.  The show is in two weeks and I can't wait to see it!

Yesterday was definitely a Monday. At 6:30am Valerie was getting ready for band practice and lost one of her contacts so she had to open a new pair.  No big deal.  Then Veronica had something stuck in her foot?  Never did see anything so I don't know.  Minutes before we were leaving for theater, Veronica's forsus springs broke.  What's that you ask?  It's this spring and rod appliance she just got on her braces to move her jaw forward.  She's had it a week.  At first it was stuck open (!!!) so she couldn't close her teeth.  Then the darn thing came apart all together.  So I had to tell the theater teacher she was going to be late on the first day, call the orthodontist exactly at 8am and beg them to see her ASAP because she missing theater, get her to the ortho, then to camp which is 30 minutes away...   whew.  Then Valerie texts me that her right contact is bothering her so she had to take them out, which means she cannot see.  I was ready to bring her her glasses.  Luckily we thought to put a pair of her old glasses in her car and she said that was good enough.  And of course it was flooding rain on Val's drive home which had me really worried but she made it safely.    

This is a forsus.  Looks fun, right??  Veronica has 6 months in this thing.

Only 16 days until school starts!

Sunday, July 18, 2021

A visit to the Gulf coast

We're just back from a short trip to Biloxi, Mississippi.  At the beginning of the summer, Veronica was asked to join her dance school's competition team.  She's been working hard all summer perfecting a dance with two other classmates for a trio performance.  This was all new to her so she was "nervous excited."  Friday morning we got up much too early to drive to Biloxi.  We had to be at the Biloxi civic center before noon and Veronica's group was third on the schedule.  It's about a 3 hour trip, but it always takes us longer since we tend to stop a lot because somebody always has to pee.  (Me. I'm somebody.)    You never know what New Orleans traffic is going to be like and that can be a major delay.  And apparently now you have to worry about being shot at while driving through New Orleans East on I-10.  

We did hair and makeup on the fly since there just wasn't time to tackle that before leaving the house.  We stopped at the Mississippi Welcome Center and got Veronica ready.  She changed into her costume when we got to the civic center and was ready to go!

I have to say we've never been to any kind of dance competition, so I was expecting chaos.  It was surprisingly laid back and low key.  It was very long though - almost 5 hours of dances.  Veronica's group did awesome and came in third place!  All I have is a bad iPhone video and the lighting to video was horrible.  Veronica starts and finishes in the middle. 

Saturday and Sunday Veronica spent the day taking many dance workshops.  She loved it and did everything!  Her dance teacher had such nice things to say about how well she did.  Clint, Val, and I had the day to just wander around Biloxi.  We took Valerie to the mall and to the arcade at Margaritaville.  We didn't even go into any of the casinos because Val was with us.  We found a huge Dollar Tree that is way better than ours at home!  Isn't it funny to go on vacation and shop at Dollar Tree?  After dancing was done, we made sure Veronica got to do a few fun things as well.  We ate at Shaggy's on the beach, walked the beach, and hit the souvenir store.  

We lucked out and had this this great Airbnb to stay in.  Have you seen hotel prices lately?  Yikes!  This four bedroom house was perfect and just a short 10 minute drive to the beach.  

On the way home we stopped at the Gulfport Outlets to do a little back to school shopping.  Yep....  it's almost that time....   

Friday, July 16, 2021

There goes the carpool

Just like that our band carpooling days are over.  We have a third licensed driver in the household!  

Valerie's goal was to be able to drive herself to/from band camp.  She's been practicing and finally felt ready for the road skills test.  She passed with an 85 percent.  She still has a few things to work on like parking and backing up, but she passed.  Another milestone down!

(Nobody tells you how SCARY it feels to have your kid off driving all alone at first.  I know it's part of growing up but I can't help but worry especially with her being so new at it!)