Sunday, August 29, 2021


 We are safe.  We left.  I woke up in the middle of the night and checked the weather.  Earlier the track was trending east, so I thought we’d be okay.  At 2AM I woke up to see this Facebook post and got scared.  

I woke up Clint.  We woke up the kids.  Started frantically searching for a hotel somewhere - anywhere. We threw our things in the car and by 4:45AM we were on our way to Houston, TX.  Yesterday the interstate was a parking lot.  Thankfully at that hour we hit NO traffic at all.  

I’m so glad we left.  The eye passed along where Valerie drives to school.  So close to my house. 150 mph winds, just 7 mph shy of a category 5.

This guy live-streamed near my house for hours:  Storm chaser FB video. And  More here - it picks up at the end

We have no idea about our house yet. My fence is down.  There’s no power or running water. Lots of roof damage all over. Power lines down.  Trees down. It’s still too bad to have anyone go outside to check our house. But we are here in Houston, safe.  I’m exhausted. 

I don’t know when we’ll be able to go back home. 

Oh and….

Happy birthday to me.  

Friday, August 27, 2021

This is not a drill!

Sound the alarm!  For real y'all!!  Hurricane Ida is the real deal... maybe? A category 2? 3? Possibly even a 4??  I saw a comment that a 5 isn't off the table either??  Hype or??  

That faint yellow line is the predicted path as of the time I'm writing this.  The red X is my house.  Yay.  It'll shift though because it's still 48 hours out.  

Our entire parish is under a mandatory evacuation order but we're staying.  It's too much hassle to leave and get back.  And what to do with 3 cats?  It won't flood here so we just have to worry about the wind.  Got the house boarded up.  Moved all my plants from the front where the wind will be to the covered porch in the back.  Got a few days of groceries.  Got the generator ready and lots of gas.  If we actually do get some weather, I'm thinking we might lose our fence and some shingles.  

Today was complete madness in town.  No gas.  No water. No bread!  Lines and people and traffic!!  Maybe Ida will fizzle out. Maybe not.  I'll update again when I can whenever that may be.  

Friday, August 06, 2021

Back to school

 "I don't wanna go to school!" is what they both said...  

First day of 9th grade for Veronica.  First day of 11th grade for Valerie.  

I think their first day went well overall.  Veronica was quite nervous as expected.  New school, new teachers, new everything. She was worried about getting lost. At freshman orientation last week, they would not let us tour the school to locate their classes.  Instead, we had to stand with about 100 people in the small entryway.  The halls were blocked off with tables.  Like forcing people to stand shoulder to shoulder in a small space made any sense in these times!!  Seems like it would have made more sense to let the kids spread out and walk down the hallways. 

Valerie will be driving both of them to school, but Veronica will ride the bus home.  Val is leaving campus at lunch every day to take some college credit classes.  She'll also be staying after school often for marching band.  

These last two weeks of summer were quite busy.  Valerie had marching band camp out in the middle of a heatwave.  The heat index was well over 100 degrees for most of it, but she survived.  I made sure she had lots of water and sunscreen!!  She's got the fairest complexion and burns easily.

Veronica had her two weeks of theater class and three performances of their show, "The Little Mermaid."  It was a huge success and all three shows were sold out.  Roni did awesome of course and had a great time!  Here's a short clip of her as Ursula's Mother, which is the role they completely made up so she could sing 'Poor Unfortunate Souls."

Here's to hoping for a great school year!!  So far, everything is a GO but that could change at any minute....  

Monday, August 02, 2021


 Today marks thirteen years that my Mom died.  It's hard to believe it has been that long since we have seen her or heard her voice.  

Way back when before iPhones were everywhere and unlimited calls/texts, when people still had landlines....  there were chat platforms like ICQ and Yahoo Instant Messenger.  It was long distance to call, and neither one of us wanted to run up our phone bill, so my mom and I did a lot of emailing. Eventually I had the bright idea to set her up with Yahoo IM.  From 2005-2008, we chatted online almost every day.  She would get mad sometimes if I didn't respond right away.  I never could make her understand I was busy with a new baby and Clint was often at work for days/weeks. Val was sick a lot, which meant I was sick a lot. There were several times when she made my Dad jump in the car and drive them to my house because I didn't answer her messages.  She thought for sure something had happened to me.  I had fallen and hit my head or something....  I guess that's what moms do, imagine the worst.  Of course I was just fine walking around Walmart or taking a nap or something.  Then she'd be mad that I was fine and hadn't told her I was leaving the house.  There I was in my 30s and had to report to Mom every time I was going grocery shopping?!

Anyway, I saved all those years of chats.  I don't know why but they randomly crossed my mind the other day and I decided to dig up the PDF and read through it.  It's almost 300 pages, so it's going to take days to read through it all.  Valerie was a newborn when we started and she was four when it ended and my Dad took over.  (I have his chat log saved too.)  It's nice to 'hear' her voice again and I can picture her clear as day sitting off to the side in the kitchen where the computer desk was set up.

Of course I miss my Mom, but reading through all that day to day chit chat, made me miss that part the most.  There's no one to text good morning, what did you do today?  What did you cook for supper?  Did you find the shirt you wanted?  Look what I found on eBay...  Nobody to plan holiday dinners with....  There's nobody to tell look what I found on clearance today...  or say let's go shopping or how did you sleep... or do y'all feel better when we're sick...  On and on.  You  know, the mundane life things that only a Mom would care about.  

So much changes when your Mom is gone.  

Ironically, while taking a break from writing this, I'm at a conversation from November 7, 2007 about holding onto 'stuff.'  My Mom said to keep it, store it away, and "someday you can look at it and cry."

How true that is...